What trip refund options do I have?

Under normal circumstances, we only offer refunds according to your fare type

However, the situation has changed because of the coronavirus, and we've adjusted our refund policy to provide you with more options during this time.

The exact options will differ depending on whether the carrier canceled your trip or whether you wish to cancel it. 
When you cancel voluntarily, our regular cancellation policy applies — you receive a refund from us.
When the carrier cancels the trip, we’ll also give you an option to request a refund from them or we’ll cover you with our Kiwi.com Guarantee.

Voluntary cancellation

When your booking is still valid and we haven't received any cancellation from the carrier(s), you can cancel up to 48 hours before your trip's scheduled departure.
If you booked less than a week before your trip and have a Flexi Ticket, you’ll be able to cancel up to 4 hours before departure.
Your refund will depend on the fare type you picked during booking. You’ll see the exact amount before you confirm it.

You can opt for a refund in Kiwi.com Credit or a monetary refund.

Involuntary cancellation

When your trip or a part of it has been canceled by the carrier(s), you might be able to choose one of the below refund options. 
Some of these refund options are only available in specific situations. You'll always see all your options in your account.
If you've added the Kiwi.com Guarantee, check the details in this article: What is the Kiwi.com Guarantee?
1. Refund in Kiwi.com Credit
When you want a quick refund.

With this refund option, you’ll receive a given amount in Kiwi.com Credit, which you can use for future bookings. 
If you've paid for the Kiwi.com Guarantee, you can opt for a full refund of the unused parts of your itinerary. When your trip gets canceled less than 48h before departure, you can also receive the refund in money. 
You’ll see the exact amount before you confirm this option. It varies for each itinerary, but if you see this option, we'll always offer you something — even if the carriers don't. 

2. Carrier self-service
When you want to handle the refund or rebooking with the carrier.

With the self-service option, we'll provide you with all the credentials you need to get full control of your booking with the carriers. You can change your trip, apply for a refund on their website, or contact them directly.
Unfortunately, the self-service option is not available for all bookings because we're not able to give out credentials for all carriers. We’ll always offer it to you when we can.
When available, you can choose this option up to 14 days after your trip's scheduled departure.
Our agents will no longer handle your reservation and you won't be able to make any further changes in your trip at Kiwi.com. However, we'll automatically forward you all emails, vouchers, credits, or refunds that we receive from the carrier(s). 
If there’s a monetary refund, the carrier will probably send it to our account. It's because we paid for your reservation with them. But don’t worry, we’ll forward it to you via the same payment method that you used for the booking — there’s no need to provide us with any bank details. 
3. Assisted refunds
When you want us to get you a refund from the carriers.

With the assisted refund, we'll contact the carriers to get you any available refund from them. 
Tip: Check the carrier's refund policy before you choose this option. Some carriers might not offer any refunds.
Some carriers might only provide vouchers or rebooking options. We’ll always try to get you a monetary refund first, but if that's not possible, we’ll forward you the vouchers or offer you Kiwi.com Credit instead.
If you have multiple flights, you can get refunds in multiple phases, depending on the carriers. We’ll try to send each refund to you as soon as we receive it.
Depending on the time you're willing to wait for the refund, you might be able to choose from 2 types of assisted refunds:
  • Free assisted refund
    • You don't have to pay anything, but the refund will take longer.
    • We expect it to take approximately 3 months, depending on the carrier(s).
  • Priority assisted refund
    • For a €20 processing fee, we'll prioritize your request in our queue to get you any available refund as quickly as possible. We'll send it to you right after we receive it from the carriers.
    • We expect this to take approximately 6 weeks, depending on the carrier(s). 
Please note that many carriers are now overloaded with requests and are delaying their refund processes. In some cases, the waiting times might be longer than expected.

We've recently automated our process and will be sending you your refund automatically as soon as it reaches our account.
To stay up to date, you can check your refund status under "Refunds and cancellations" in your trip. We'll also notify you if anything changes.

Alternative itinerary 

When you still want to travel. 

When your trip or a part of it gets canceled by the carrier(s), we’ll offer you one or more alternative itineraries, which you can choose instead of the refund. You can pick one of them up to 24h after the departure of the original canceled part of your trip.
Please note that after you choose an alternative, you won't be able to claim a refund for your original, affected trip. We don't offer refunds for replaced flights.
The price will depend on the situation. If you have the Kiwi.com Guarantee, we'll cover as much as we can for you.
Check the current travel regulations before you decide to rebook. New restrictions might be introduced at any moment.
You can also change your trip if it hasn't been canceled by the carrier(s). It's possible to change it up to 48 hours before the scheduled departure and the price will depend on your fare type.

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