Hidden cities — avoid expensive direct fares

Our “hidden city” hack helps you avoid expensive tickets for popular direct routes. We find you the cheapest ticket to your destination, even if it’s part of a multi-stop itinerary. You can simply skip the final part of the journey and get off at your intended destination. 

What are hidden cities?

Some airlines charge more for direct flights than for itineraries with two or more flights. For example, a ticket from London to Berlin with a layover in Paris could be cheaper than a ticket from London to Paris. We’ll offer you the cheaper ticket with a layover (hidden city), where you can get off and skip the final flight of the official airline itinerary.

How do I know that I’m booking a hidden city itinerary?

You’ll be able to see the hidden city and country in your itinerary both during the booking process and afterwards in your account. 

How are hidden city itineraries different from standard airline itineraries?

Hidden city itineraries help you save money, but they come with certain limitations you should consider before your purchase.

Against airline policy

Our customers love this travel hack, but it’s against some airlines’ policies. To avoid potential difficulties on your journey, please review these airport check-in guidelines when you start preparing for your trip. Also, it’s best not to claim your miles for the flight you would miss, as the airline could potentially cancel them. 

You can only travel with one personal item 

We recommend only bringing a small bag or personal item that can fit under the seat in front of you. Anything larger risks getting checked in at the gate and being sent all the way to the final hidden city destination in the itinerary. For the same reason, you cannot travel with checked baggage on hidden city itineraries, including pets and sports equipment. 

Have your visa and COVID-19 documents ready for all destinations in the official itinerary

Check your personal visa requirements specified for your destination as well as the final destination of the flight. You might need more than one visa to make your trip. If it's a destination that you wouldn't normally need a visa for, then you have nothing to worry about.
Also, please check the official COVID-19 restrictions and prepare required documents for all destinations in the official airline itinerary, even if you don't plan on traveling to all of them. The airport staff might ask to check these documents before your first flight. 

You might get multiple boarding passes

If you need to check in at the airport, you should allow the airline to check you in for all flights, including your flights to the official final destination. They might not let you board if you say that you only want to use part of your itinerary.

Your Kiwi.com Guarantee will only apply to your hidden city itinerary

Your Kiwi.com Guarantee will only cover the part of your itinerary that you searched for. If there are unexpected changes to your flights, we will search for alternatives for you only to your intended destination. In the above example of London to Paris to Berlin, we'd find alternatives for you to Paris, your intended destination, not Berlin.

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