What extra compensation can I get with the Kiwi.com Guarantee?

If the carrier canceled or rescheduled your trip less than 48 hours before departure and we've offered you an alternative itinerary as a part of our Kiwi.com Guarantee, we might also cover some of your extra expenses. Our agents will confirm this to you when you're in contact with them.


In case the alternative trip we find you departs the next day, or there is an overnight transfer of more than 8 hours, we’ll usually book the accommodation for you. If we can't book it, we might ask you to do it yourself and will send you compensation based on the average hotel prices in the city you're in.


If you have to stay at the airport or station for more than 4 hours, and you haven't received accommodation, our agents might send you 10 EUR per passenger for refreshments.

Airport transfer, taxi, or a shuttle 

If the alternative we offer you departs from a different airport or station, we might also offer you compensation for the transfer. The amount will depend on the city you're in.

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