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On this page, you can adjust your privacy settings and indicate whether you agree with the processing of your personal data and the use of cookies for the purposes described below. You can learn more about how and why we use cookies in our Privacy Policy. The full list of cookies used is available here.

These cookies are necessary for multiple basic functionalities of our website and for the provision of our services as we want to provide them. Without them, our website wouldn't work, therefore, you can't turn them off.

These cookies are used for internal purposes. They help us understand our customers and improve our website so that we can ultimately deliver you a better user experience. Without these cookies, we aren't able to measure traffic or visualize user interactions with various elements on the website. This makes it harder for us to test new functionalities we believe might be better suited to your needs.

Our goal is to only provide offers we believe to be relevant for the users. As a result, we collect some personal information and send it to our partners, who in turn tailor the best offers, promo codes, and relevant flights for you. By giving us your consent with the processing of your personal data for marketing & advertisement purposes, you agree with the following:

  • Marketing profile. We will collect various information about your interaction with the Platform and the Services in general, including the data about your device and network, and store it within a profile in our marketing database. We will then use this information to target you with the most relevant messages and ads. Furthermore, we might perform various analyses of this data and assign you different labels which help us differentiate our customers for more precise and relevant marketing of our services.
  • Advertisement networks. Besides our internal marketing database, we also use various third-party advertisement networks, such as Google Ads. These networks allow us to show you relevant ads on different places around the internet. This is done by assigning you an encrypted identifier and storing it in your device. When you go to a third-party website that is served with ads via our partner advertisement network, the network will recognize this identifier and show you offers according to our specifications.
  • Targeting on Facebook. To reach our users with our offers, we also use Meta (Facebook) for Business. When you visit our website, we share an encrypted identifier with Facebook which allows them to match your Facebook profile with the visit. Subsequently, using Facebook advertising services, we are able to show you tailored offers on Facebook. So, for example, if you search for a flight on, don’t buy it, and the price goes down, we might show you an offer for this specific flight.
  • Lookalike features. Some of the advertisement services which we use, namely Meta for Business and Google Ads, also provide so-called “lookalike audiences” features. These features allow us to find other users who might be interested in our services based on similarities to our existing users. We are then able to target those users with our offers. This means that if you give us your consent, these services will analyze your profiles and find us other profiles based on the common attributes. When using these features, we never gain direct access to any personal data or profiles—this is all done by the service providers in the background and we only get the option to target our ads to a wider audience.

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