About Us

What’s the point in doing things unless you care about them? Here at Kiwi.com, we care about travel. We care about sending people on amazing journeys. And we care about doing it well.

We’re proud of our multicultural team, our weirdly inspiring workplace and the unique technology we’ve created.

We do everything you need to get airborne. From finding routes you never even knew existed, to online booking and reservations for anything you need to take with you, all the way through to our Guarantee to rescue you if you miss a connection. What’s not to love?

Join us and be part of a truly special journey.


Vibrant, quirky offices

We’ve got the lot: yoga classes, swings, a gym, a sauna, foosball tables, video games and our indoor grassy hill!


We’re all in it together

Sure, the work can be hard, but instantly seeing that you’ve made a difference is amazing.


A bit unusual

From the ground up, we’re different. As a company and as individuals. This is always a good thing.



Got an idea? Share it. You’re not a faceless drone!



Dogs are welcome in our offices. If they can be trained to make coffee, even better!


We know how to relax

Our parties are the stuff of legend.