My heart is still in Tunis

Francesco Volpi, our Trainer, visited with couple of colleagues vendor site in Tunis to deliver customer support training to the new colleagues. Francesco describes not only how he felt about the local culture, vibe, food and people but also what were the challenges of training, how he relaxed after work and what are his travel tips.

Building a CSR without getting corporate

It’s almost a year since officially launched our CSR program, Read more about our journey and all the challenges we bumped into. Keep moving! is one of the projects that just happened. Few running enthusiasts sat down and got thrilled by an idea to organise a company wide sports challenge.

Workplace Design: The next big thing

Lucia Skálová is a Workplace Project Manager at Find out more about offices and where Lucia gets her inspiration.

Our Staff: Christmas Edition

Office desks covered in treats, a voucher for a sightseeing flight and books galore — this is Surprise a Fellow Kiwi in a nutshell.

Our Staff: Eliška the people person

From volunteering in an international student club to life at, there’s something of a thread running through Eliška’s life

Welcome to Planet

The latest series of Planet Earth was one of the most important documentaries of all time – so we decided to make a spoof