Devops plays a significant role within Kiwi.com. We make sure that tens of application keep running on distributed infrastructure that spans multiple cloud providers. On our day to day job we use many technologies and we connect many areas from infrastructure management, security, continuous development to qa. The ultimate goal of our is to automate ourselves out of daily job so we can travel all around the world, drink beer, enjoy good food or check what’s new in the world of technology.


Kiwi.com grew extremely fast, leading to an increased need for services and applications. And so, the number of our servers grew rapidly too. We picked Ansible as the first tool for automation application and infrastructure deployment. Then we started with moving to AWS, which came up with new way of managing servers and bringing new technologies in our infrastructure. With such fast growing company there was more need on sharing information and keeping them updated. We love IaaC principle, so we pick best tool for it, which is Terraform. Docker with Rancher helped us speed up development and management of applications and infrastructure. Currently we have more than 1K servers, mostly in the Cloud. Among our latest projects was our migration to CloudFlare CDN provider and testing scylla. Our team grow to 10 people now and we will be happy if you will be the next!

Challenges that you can be part of

  • Managing an infrastructure that contains many applications built as microservices can be significantly difficult. Our aim is to find the best solution for orchestration, which is why we decided to give K8s a try.
  • We managed to migrate our core services to AWS. We will be migrating some workloads towards GCP.
  • We are aiming to build an infrastructure testing environment that would allow us to continuously test application deployments, perform disaster recovery plans and create handbooks.

Vision and future plans

  • Building self healing and highly available infrastructure applications
  • Adopting SRE principles https://landing.google.com/sre/
  • Build and manage infrastructure that enables applications to run with 99.99% uptime

Required skills

  • Experience with Docker, CI/CD, Kubernetes or similar
  • Knowledge and experience of cloud technology
  • Basic scripting (Python, Bash, etc.)
  • Have a habit of following best practices regarding technologies
  • Willingness to communicate and collaborate with other teams
  • Automation experience - Chef, Salt, Ansible or similar
  • Self-time management skills, GTD
  • Be able to read this job listing without Google Translate

What we’ll consider an asset

  • Experience with automation of repetitive or time-consuming tasks
  • Experience with SQL, NoSQL (PostgreSQL, Cassandra, ElasticSearch, DynamoDB)
  • Design patterns, believe in clean code, keen on code beauty
  • Coming up with improvements
  • Interest in learning new technologies and sharing knowledge with others
  • Experience writing infrastructure as code (e.g. Terraform)

Why it rocks to be at Kiwi.com?

  • We deploy immediately after a job is completed, not after months of QA.
  • Do, fail, learn – repeat! We understand that mistakes happen and we learn fast.
  • We decide which cutting-edge technologies are appropriate for the task.
  • We love contributing and using Open Source.
  • We visit and speak at conferences and technological events worldwide.
  • We code at hackathons and other competitions.
  • We support the local technological community.
  • We use our work time wisely with a friendly vacation policy and work schedule.
  • We encourage our colleagues to learn more, with access to different courses and seminars on a wide range of topics.
  • We also like to party and hang out together.
  • We work, play, relax, workout and even nap in our offices (complete with sauna, gym, masseur, sleeping spots, canteen, chillout zones, free refreshments, etc).
  • Dogs, kids and parties are welcome in our offices.
  • We also enjoy common benefits, such as meal vouchers, flexible benefits scheme, sick days, VIP Medical Care, flight vouchers, multisport card, etc..
  • Besides a fair salary, we can also look forward to quarterly bonuses dependent on our performance.

Thanks for reading this far! That probably means you’re really excited about this position, we like that!


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Brno, Czech Republic | Full-Time
Brno, Czech Republic | Full-Time
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Brno, Czech Republic | Full-Time
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