Getting a job at

Thinking about sending us your CV?

Great, here’s some useful information about what will happen next.

We believe that recruitment is a two-sided process and understand that accepting a job is quite a commitment. You need to know if you like us and we need to be sure you’re the right fit for the job.

What happens when you send in your CV?

Requirements check

The recruiter looks at it, checks the basic things first. Do you have the desired skill set or relevant experience? If you don’t, you still get an informative e-mail. If we have any other suitable positions, we always send you the details.

First talk

Let’s say you’re a star and you seem to be the ideal candidate. The recruiter contacts you, usually by phone. You don’t pick up the phone. The recruiter tries again. Stubborn fella. If you’re abroad, Skype is always an option. Then we talk a bit about the position and your expectations.

We like you

Your profile and the information provided during the call are evaluated by the hiring manager. He loves you. You’re contacted once again to discuss a suitable time for the interview – ideally in person (so you can see the mayhem here). Oh, and come as you are. We want to see your personality, not your wardrobe.

Let’s meet

Question time! We talk, you talk. We ask, you ask. One to three rounds of interviews in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We’re not only looking at your experience and skills, so show us all you’ve got!