Relocation to Brno

Many of our current employees have relocated to work with us from across the globe. We understand the difficulties associated with moving to a strange city in the heart of Europe and we would like to offer you assistance with this. Want to know more? Ask your recruiter. is in partnership with the Brno Expat Centre

The Brno Expat Centre (BEC) provides foreign professionals and their families who live and work in Brno – or plan to do so – with free consultation and assistance. They have professional knowledge of the bureaucracy concerning a foreigner’s stay in the Czech Republic, and thanks to their frequent contacts with officials, know how legal regulations can be interpreted in practice.

New in Brno?

Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. It is a vibrant student city with a cozy, familiar feeling.


380 000 permanent residents

Second largest city in Czech Republic with over 130 000 daily commuters, students, and expats


24-hour public transport system

Trams, buses, trolleybuses and even boats catering to residents day and night


13 universities

5 public, 1 state and 7 private universities with a total of 85 000 students


3 500 doctors

Health care system is based on a compulsory insurance model


2 rivers

The Svratka and the Svitava, and 1 lake


50+ parks

And 2 921 hectares of woods


100+ cafes

4 breweries and hundreds of pubs