How do I find the best flights for my budget?

Multiple departure/destination options
We don't limit you to just one departure and one destination option. You can add multiple airports, cities, and radius searches to the input boxes to help find the best deal.

Radius Search
Use our interactive map to your advantage — with Radius Search, you can include more airports in your searches and find cheaper flights. Simply right-click on the map to add your departure area, and then left-click on the map for your destination area. You can move the circles on the map or adjust the size of your radius to include more or fewer airports.

Try using date ranges and selecting your desired time of stay at your destination to see when the cheapest tickets are. 

Sorting your flights
  • Recommended — the best balance of cost vs duration
  • Cheapest — best prices but often include long layovers
  • Shortest — shorter journeys often cost a little extra. 
  • Stops — request a maximum of 0, 1, or 2 stops.
Multiple Destinations or Multi-City
By selecting "Multi-City", you can add up to 8 trips to your booking, each with different airports if you need to.
- Check out this Youtube video on adding Multi-City trips.

Top Destinations
Search “Anywhere” as a destination to see the top destinations that were booked by travellers near you.

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