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8,000 Disneyland tickets stolen in California

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Police have warned the public about buying tickets from private sellers

A group of thieves near Sacramento, California, made off with 8,000 tickets to Disneyland when they stole a trailer belonging to a youth agricultural education organisation.

The trailer, owned by Future Farmers of America, was stolen on Wednesday from the group’s office in the city of Galt, south of Sacramento, California Highway Patrol said.

“PLEASE be on the lookout for white Wells Cargo Trailer, license plate number 4KJ1127 that was stolen from the California FFA Center last night. It contains awards, merchandise and ALL our registration materials for the 7,000 FFA members who are about to experience the State FFA Leadership Conference. Below is a picture of the truck that stole it at 3:10 am today. No personal student information was inside the trailer,” The FFA said in a Facebook post.

According to Matt Paton, executive director of the California chapter of Future Farmers of America, Security footage shows a dark pickup truck backing up to the trailer and driving it away.

Patton said the thief broke through a gate and broke a lock before hooking the trailer to the pickup truck.

“They had definitely been scoping it out because they went directly to the trailer and didn’t waste any time doing anything else,” Patton said.

The trailer also contained audio and visual merchandise worth $800,000. The tickets, that guarantee free entry to the theme park every day in the next 22 years, were digitally cancelled by Disneyland. The FFA will get new reissued tickets soon.

Californian Highway Patrol is asking for the public’s help in finding the location of the trailer and its contents. Authorities have advised people to be cautious when purchasing Disneyland tickets from private sources.

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