Adrenaline in the desert: Dubai unveils world’s longest urban zipline

Adrenaline in the desert: Dubai unveils world’s longest urban zipline

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One kilometre long and two people sliding simultaneously – there’s a new zipline over Dubai Marina

Visitors to Dubai now have the opportunity to see the Las Vegas of the Middle East from a completely new perspective.

A local company XDubai decided to fulfil the needs of adrenaline junkies and created a kilometre long zipline over Dubai Marina, making it the longest urban zipline in the world.  

Hitting speeds of 80km/h and 170m over the water, the ride offers the chance to share the thrill. Two people can use the zipline at the same time and enjoy the experience together.

Every visitor receives a case that contains a GoPro camera, helmet and harness to enjoy the view of the Marina, the Dubai Eye wheel and The Palm Jumeirah rushing past.

“The line is going over a road, a bridge and of course the marina, as well as residential towers and a mall with lots of outdoor restaurants,” said Mohammed Javad, General Manager of XDubai.

The line is twice as long as the previous one XDubai had built in the city’s Downtown two years ago and they say it “offers a double dose of fun and excitement”.

The creators had to work through tough layers of bureaucracy to receive 23 approvals to bring their plans to fruition.

“When you have so many different entities to approach, it is never easy,” Javad said.

“It took a lot of planning and it was a challenge, but we made it happen.”

“When I first lay on the edge of the building, I didn’t know what to expect. Then the excitement kicked in. I don’t just talk the talk, so I had to do this. This is not just part of my work, but part of my life.”

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