Wife forces plane to divert after discovering husband’s affair

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Love is in the air, and so are broken hearts. A woman found out about her husband’s affair during a flight and caused such a ruckus that the pilot had to land unexpectedly

A drunk passenger found out about her husband's affair on her flight with Qatar Air. The plane had to be diverted — Fasttailwind / Shutterstock affair, plane, divertA drunk passenger found out about her husband’s affair on her flight with Qatar Air — Fasttailwind / Shutterstock

It was supposed to be a family holiday to the tropical island of Bali. But after a dose of alcohol and a little bit of spying, the journey turned into a nightmare for a plane full of passengers.

According to the Indian Times, an Iranian lady, who was flying with her husband and young child with Qatar Air from Doha to Bali, unlocked her spouse’s phone by using his finger while he was sleeping on Sunday.

Unfortunately, she discovered he had been having an affair.

Destroyed by the revelation, and reportedly under the influence of alcohol, she started to fight with her cheating hubby. The ruckus attracted the attention of the crew who tried to intervene and it became so unbearable that the pilot had to divert the plane from its original course and land in Chennai.

After landed, the whole family had to exit the plane which proceeded to the Indonesian island without them.

The family had to stay at the Chennai airport till the woman sobered up — Murgermari / Shutterstock affair plane divertThe family had to stay at Chennai airport until the woman sobered up — Murgermari / Shutterstock

As the passenger wasn’t able to provide a reasonable explanation and there was no security issue, Chennai airport representatives decided to hold the family at the airport until the woman sobered up.

Then they put them on a flight to Kuala Lumpur from where they boarded a connecting flight back to Doha.

The incident was confirmed by a Central Industrial Security Force official.

“On November 5, at about 10 am, Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Bali was diverted to Chennai. A lady along with her husband and a child, all Iranian nationals, were offloaded by Qatar Airline as the lady passenger (who was intoxicated) misbehaved with crew members inflight.They were sent to Kuala Lumpur by Batik for further travel to Doha,” he said.

Qatar Airways declined to comment on the case due to the respect of passenger privacy.