Agency launches first-ever vegan food tours

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Vegan travellers will have the option to discover the plant-based delicacies of India, Thailand, and even Italy

From feasting on the vegan delights of India’s capital, through local ingredients-based cook-ups in Chiang Mai, to a stay in an all-vegan villa in the Tuscan hills with panoramic views of the rolling countryside, vegan travellers have a new opportunity to experience the holidays of their lives

As the animal products-free movement is gaining more and more attention and participants around the globe, the demand for vegetarian and vegan meal options during travels has increased. To fulfil these needs, Intrepid Travel agency is launching vegan tour packages to the most vibrant culinary places on Earth.

The agency offers three different food trips in the Golden Triangle in India, a tour around best local markets in Thailand, and an unprecedented journey through vegan hotspots from Venice to Rome.

Time to charge the smartphones and to prepare for the tastiest and most Instagrammable vegan feasts of your lives.

Vegan delicacies of India’s Golden Triangle

With, warm pearl millet roti bread, samosas bursting with soft spiced potato and curries of fragrant turmeric,  it doesn’t get much better than India for vegan travellers — Shutterstock Agency launches first-ever vegan food toursWith warm pearl millet roti bread, samosas bursting with soft spiced potato and curries of fragrant turmeric, it doesn’t get much better than India for vegan travellers — Shutterstock

From Amber Fort to the Taj Mahal, India has been in the spotlight for its unique cultural and historic heritage for ages. But the subcontinent is also the most likely place that pops up in your mind if you think of vegans and vegetarians.

On an eight-day trip from Delhi, to Jaipur, Kanota and Agra, travellers can enjoy “soft, warm pearl millet roti bread; samosas bursting with soft spiced potato; curries of fragrant turmeric, cardamom and clove; and fresh salads of sangri beans and ker berries”, Intrepid Travel says.

With six vegan influencers and the insider knowledge of locals, the Intrepid Travel journey will connect classic and contemporary plant-based approaches.

Travellers can enjoy a historic tour through the Old Delhi by rickshaw and find unique vegan food in the backstreets. In Agra, holiday-makers will have lunch with the courageous people at Sheroes Hangout: “A beautiful café and important social enterprise that employs and supports female acid attack victims.”

To relax and escape from the crowds, Kanota will offer Rajasthan’s finest heritage hotels, Castle Kanota as well as a sumptuous Rajasthani vegan feast.

Thail vegan food adventure with the touch of local traditions and next-level street-food

Pad thai is commonly served as an example of Thailand's next-level street-food — Shutterstock Agency launches first-ever vegan food toursPad thai is commonly served as an example of Thailand’s next-level street-food — Shutterstock

With never-ending mixtures of mushroom, tofu, sticky rice, bamboo, beans, or coconut cream, Thailand is a country that creates culinary adventures to delight all vegan epicureans.

During an eight-day trip through Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Kanchanaburi, travellers will have the opportunity to experience the legendary cuisine of South East Asia themselves.

“While Bangkok’s street food is the perfect extension of the city’s hectic atmosphere – lively, fiery, bright, unique and sometimes just downright sweet – Chiang Mai showcases the Thai food of the north – a milder, Myanmar-influenced side of the national nosh. These vegan-friendly departures may be limited, so strike while the burners are hot,” Intrepid Travel says.

Travellers will also enjoy the experience of an overnight train between Ayuthaya and Chiang Mai.

“Accommodation is simple but comfortable – soft sleeper class multi share compartments with air-conditioning and bunk beds, with sheets and a pillow provided. Overnight trains are a real Intrepid experience and one of the best ways to come face-to-face with the country and its people.”

To witness everyday Thai life, travellers will have the option to spend a night at a homestay. Despite having more basic facilities, such as fold-out mattresses on the floor and shared bathrooms, the rewards of such an authentic local experience are immeasurable.

Animal-friendly Italy: Vegan adventure from Venice to Rome

 Vegan cauliflower crust Pizza with tomato and basil might be one of the examle of connecting the traditional food with plant-based aproach — Shutterstock Agency launches first-ever vegan food toursVegan cauliflower crust Pizza with tomato and basil connects the traditional Italian food with a vegan approach — Shutterstock

Pizza, cheese, or prosciutto; Italy has managed to put itself on a pedestal of international culinary champions mostly thanks to its rich variety of dairy and meat products. But now it is time to experience the other thriving aspect of Italian gastronomy.

The country is “where some of the world’s most progressive, innovative and exquisite vegan food experiences can be had,” the agency reckons. And to prove their point, they offer an eight-day long trip starting in Venice, passing through Bologna, a home to Europe’s oldest functioning university, and Unesco World Heritage-listed San Gimignano, with a finale in Rome.

Travellers will kick off the journey with a dinner in Venice’s first vegan restaurant, La Tecia Vegana, that combines “old-school, white-tablecloth Italian dining with a superbly innovative vegan menu”, according to Intrepid Travel.

Bologna offers a vegan cooking class with an experienced local cook while San Gimignano is a “pretty good backdrop for a wine museum tour and a sample of the world’s best gelato”.

With solid oak furniture made by locals, exquisitely crafted interiors, and panoramic views of the rolling countryside, a unique all-vegan villa in the hills of Tuscany is a getaway to remember. Travellers will enjoy two days at this picturesque location with an organic farm-to-table vegan feast.

Rome is the perfect place to finish – it’s a big town, but a veritable smorgasbord of vegan delights if you know where to find them (and we do). After a farewell dinner in a beloved local restaurant with 30 years under its belt, this legendary city is yours to explore,” the agency adds.