This amazing flying car will reach the sky in 2020

This amazing flying car will reach the sky in 2020

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British-made flying vehicle NeoXCraft can reach 320kp and will cost $2 million

Traffic jams in Britain are soon to be a problem of the past as a Nottingham based company VRCO introduced a new personal flying car NeoXCraft.

The futuristic aircraft will be able to take off vertically and the set of four high-powered fans can push it to the speed of 320kph.

The driving should be autonomous in future. However, the first vehicles will require presence and control of a qualified pilot and only a few people will be able to obtain the licence.

“It’s computer controlled. The button initiates the programming of the vehicle and the pilot will follow a series of voice commands to drive it in the air and on the road,” Mike Smith, chairman and co-founder of the project, told Derby Telegraph.

The final decision depends on the task of licensing regulations.

‘We are about to build the prototypes to get it to certification and that’s going to take at least 18 months,’ said Daniel Hayes, CEO and co-founder of VRCO.

“If we are successful then we are hopeful of having something we can insure and sell.”

Notthingham based company VRCO plans to licence their prototypes by 2020 — Shutterstock flying carNottingham based company VRCO plans to create and licence their prototypes by 2020 — Shutterstock

Despite the rather high demanding price, a number of people have already placed their order.

“At that point we have orders for 100 cars and the retail price of this is around £$2 million. These will be supercars of the skies, they are luxury and high-performing.”

The aircraft will be a combination of a flying vehicle and automobile.

“Once it’s safely on the ground, via a pilot pushing a button, it transmits from aircraft mode into vehicle mode,” Smith said.

“The start of the vehicle mode sequence is where the propeller housings tilt downwards and then on the outside is a wheel structure which transmits and allows the vehicle to drive.”

“It’s a short-range driving vehicle but a medium-range flying vehicle.”


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