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Ayia Napa to ban young drinkers in attempt to attract families

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“Inappropriate behaviour from certain clientele and all their related business partners are not welcomed in Ayia Napa,” said the town’s mayor

A coastal resort in eastern Cyprus that is infamous for the stag and hen dos organised by British travellers is making moves to become one of the most cosmopolitan resorts in the country.

The resort of Ayia Napa hopes to attract families to its beaches with the new rules – Shutterstock DrinkersThe resort of Ayia Napa hopes to attract families to its beaches with the new rules – Shutterstock

As the town of Ayia Napa aims to establish a new strategy for the future and attract different travelling groups, the young, noisy, and possibly over-inebriated tourists will be no longer welcome.

“We shall not allow a small number of our visitors to turn away the remaining 90 per cent, with their negative actions and behaviours,” the resort’s mayor, Yiannis Karousos, told the Telegraph.

“We would therefore like to make it public that such inappropriate behaviour from certain clientele (low quality youth market) and all their related business partners (tour operators, nightlife event organisers, etc.) are not welcomed in Ayia Napa.”

Karousos said that the resort had received various investment in new apartments and hotels that would serve a different type of travellers. To protect the area from debauchery the town will install a new CCTV system and will require police to prevent and punish “illegal behaviour”.

“This is the one of the ‘organised youth’ which misbehaves, does not respect the laws of Cyprus, and with their actions creates negative publicity and actually do damage [to] the reputation of the brand name Ayia Napa,” he said.

Ayia Napa is not the first region to establish such measures in order to prevent and brighten up its reputation.

In 2014, the Majorcan resort of Magaluf launched its war against binge-drinking and misbehaviour. After four years of strict regulations, the resort’s council says the destination has managed to eliminate young travellers and attract other tourists groups, such as families and couples.

Similar restrictions are being in place in Hvar, Croatia, and even in Sunny Beach in Bulgaria, where the fight against abusive drinkers started in August last year.   

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