Become a travel influencer! needs World Travel Hackers

Become a travel influencer! needs World Travel Hackers news


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Travel content creators wanted! We’re looking for creative, adventurous travelers to take on the ultimate summer job needs you. Yes, you! We’re recruiting World Travel Hackers, a once-in-a-lifetime summer job. “What’s a World Travel Hacker?”, we hear you ask. Being a World Travel Hacker means being a travel content creator. You’ll see the world — on us — for four weeks, sharing your adventures and top tips via social media as you go. This is a challenge like no other and promises to be an experience you’ll remember forever. If you think you’ve got what it takes, we want to hear from you.

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Be a travel blogger and get paid to see the world!

The idea is this: we give you and a friend €10,000 to travel to different places, completing challenges on the way — try fish and chips in London, party in Berlin on less than €50, get around on all the modes of transport in Bangkok — that sort of thing. You’ll also be creating digital content for us on your trip, in the form of (at a minimum):

  • six YouTube videos,
  • 10 TikToks or Instagram reels, and
  • 15 photos.

We want your clips and photos to be out-there and unique, showing your own special experiences and demonstrating your best money-saving hacks. The incentive to tighten the purse strings will be real, as you’ll get to keep whatever you have left from your €10,000 budget at the end of the four weeks.


Woman near fairground at dusk filming with phone — Getty ImagesThis summer, you could get a taste of life as a travel influencer — Getty Images

This role isn’t for everyone (though everyone will want it!). You don’t need to be a super-experienced content creator, but you do need to meet certain other criteria. You must:

  • be at least 18 years old,
  • speak fluent English,
  • have a passport that’s valid for at least six months after August 2023, and
  • have a talent for turning words and visuals into likes, comments, shares, reposts, and followers!

As this is a two-person job, your chosen partner in crime also needs to tick these boxes. They also need to be someone you’re particularly familiar and comfortable with — the two of you should be like-minded, be mutually supportive in challenging situations, and know how to work well together.

How to apply 2 friends, 1 trip, crazy cheap flights on, pt. 1🛫 #kiwicomtravel #kiwicomflight #traveltok ♬ original sound –

To convince us that you deserve this summer job of a lifetime, you’ll need to shoot and edit an entertaining video of your hometown (or where you currently live). Here are a couple of pointers as to what we’re looking for…

  • Overall quality of the video: how it flows, how suitable it is for Instagram or YouTube, the uniqueness of your content (hacks, tips and tricks), and the delivery — meaning how natural you come across
  • A different approach: tell us about your town’s secrets, tourist traps to stay clear of, and the cheapest places where locals (that means you personally!) go
  • Narration: add a voiceover to your video, captions with background music, or a mix of both — as long as it’s fun to watch
  • If you need more inspiration, check out the TikTok content from our very own influencers

Submit your video in .mov or .mp4 format, along with an application form before June 11, 2023. Your content should be in English. You can find the application form by clicking on ‘Apply for the job’ on this page, the terms and conditions of the recruitment process are here, and answers to FAQs are here.

So, what do you say — are you ready for the summer of your life, adventure-seeking as a travel vlogger? Call up your friend, get filming, and you could be two of our lucky World Travel Hackers!

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