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Enjoy the freedom when lounging on the beach, going away for a long weekend, or making sustainable choices on your trip

Traveling with a friend surely has its advantages, but going solo can give you a lot of freedom to decide how you want to spend your holiday. Who knows, you might also learn a thing or two about yourself and rise to new and exciting challenges. Here’s a list of places for every type of solo travel.

Beaches & sun


Portugal has over 300 sunny days a yearPortugal has over 300 sunny days a year — Shutterstock

With over 900 km (nearly 600 mi) of dramatic coastline and more than 300 sunny days a year, Portugal is an obvious choice for a beach holiday.

City beaches, tucked-away beaches, sandy beaches, beaches with cliffs and astonishing rocky formations, beaches best for surfing… Every sun seeker will have their pick. If you need a break from chilling at the beach, the coast is dotted with towns and fishing villages with restaurants selling deliciously fresh seafood.

The Philippines

A secluded paradise of El Nido, PhilippinesA secluded paradise of El Nido, Philippines — Shutterstock

The Philippines might very well be among the top destinations for solo travelers. It has beautiful beaches, islands to explore, amazing food, and friendly locals.

Visit Palawan if you want a relaxed holiday while being surrounded by amazing scenery like the Puerto Princesa underground river or the secluded paradise of El Nido. Boracay is another truly stunning place for a beach holiday, with its white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, and a reputation for throwing wild parties.

Adventure & nature


Malaysia has ancient jungles and dense forests with canopy walkwaysMalaysia has ancient jungles and dense forests with canopy walkways — Shutterstock

Next to wild and spontaneous Thailand, its neighbor Malaysia may seem like a carefully put-together destination for those who want a taste of Asia but don’t want to give up being comfortable.

The country is a mix of cultures and if making friends is what you’re after, it won’t disappoint. Besides cultural diversity, in Malaysia, you’ll come across Unesco sites, ancient jungles, and dense forests with canopy walkways, hiking trails leading up to sunrise-tinted summits, hidden temples, and some of the world’s best beaches and diving.


Peru is famous for its tradition of making colorful textilesPeru is famous for its tradition of making colorful textiles — Shutterstock

Dubbed a backpacker’s dream, visiting Peru is almost like a rite of passage for some travelers and a way to meet like-minded people from every corner of the planet. Most head out to Machu Picchu, and rightfully so, but there are others worth a while.

Those who love to play in the sand will surely appreciate Cerro Blanco, the highest sand dune in the world reaching a height of roughly 3,860 ft (1,176 m) from base to top. The country is also overflowing with history, from the ancient Incas to the first potato and the tradition of colorful textiles. Although multicultural, it still helps to learn a little Spanish to get the most out of the trip.

City break & culture


You’ll pass The Hague on your way through BeneluxYou’ll pass The Hague on your way through Benelux — Shutterstock

The countries of Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, or Benelux, will supply you with a fine choice for a long weekend and a culture overload. They might all be small in size but indeed packing a lot of charm and activities to do. 

Start your trip in Amsterdam to visit some of the greatest museums in the world or take a boat ride on the canals. In the afternoon, spend a couple of hours in a coffee shop watching the thousands of people ride by on a bicycle, and in the evening, head out to a squatted bar for deep conversations with easily the most interesting people you’ll ever meet. 

Ride down to the Hague the next day to visit the miniature park Madurodam, take a look at the International Court of Justice, and dip your toes in the North Sea at the Scheveningen Beach. From there, it’s just a small hop to quaint towns like Brussels, Ghent, or Bruges. Cross the border and you’ll find yourself in Luxemburg — a country as big as the smallest US state, Rhode Island.


Japan, on the other hand, would deliver a completely different experience. Tokyo is a large and busy place with almost 14 million people. Despite its size and the anonymity that comes with a big city, it’s a safe and welcoming place for travelers. Staying a few days won’t do places like Tokyo enough justice and one would need a whole month to make some sense of it.   

Food & drink


Israeli cuisine draws influences from other regionsIsraeli cuisine draws influences from other regions — Unsplash

The cuisine of Israel is among the healthiest in the world. It draws influences from its neighboring countries and from as far as Europe and North Africa, taking you on a sensory roller coaster ride full of aromas, flavors, and textures.

Much of the local diet is vegetarian-based, with popular classics like hummus, falafel, and baba ganoush and can be found in the dozens of inexpensive food stalls and eateries lining up the streets of Israel.


Vietnam is a true foodie havenVietnam is a true foodie haven — Shutterstock

Vietnam’s cuisine is based on using lots of fresh ingredients with noodles or rice. No two dishes will ever taste the same, not even from the same cook, but that’s part of the deliciousness of the local food. The food there will always taste amazing, no matter if you stop by a tiny food stall hidden away in a dark back alley of Hanoi’s markets or at a high-class restaurant in the center of bustling Saigon. Vietnam is a true foodie haven.

Responsible & eco-friendly

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is among the greenest and most eco-friendly countries globally, with a majority of its energy consumption coming from clean energy sources. If that wasn’t enough to visit, Costa Ricans also rank in the top happiest people on earth.

Ecotourism and nationwide commitment to sustainable initiatives are a big part of visiting this rainforested Central American country. There are many eco-hotels and activities to minimize the impact on the country’s biodiversity.


Finland is committed to improving air qualityFinland is committed to improving air quality — Shutterstock

The most forested country in Europe, Finland has been making a real commitment to improving air quality, cleaning up polluted lakes and rivers, and managing its yearly timber harvest. Its unspoiled picturesque landscapes, national parks, and snow-covered mountain peaks are home to abundant wildlife and flowering plants, inviting visitors all year round.

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