Man biting passengers forces plane to make emergency landing

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14 December 2017

By | 14 December 2017

Passenger restrained for aggressive behaviour and taken into custody

A JetBlue flight from Los Angeles to New York had to be diverted for a truly unusual reason.

Passenger biting and hitting his seat mates forced a JetBlue flight to make an emergency landing — Philip Pilosian / ShutterstockA passenger biting and hitting his seat mates forced a JetBlue flight to make an emergency landing — Philip Pilosian / Shutterstock

When the plane was somewhere above Utah, an aggressive man started to bite and hit his fellow passengers. He caused such a ruckus on board that the pilot decided to land at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.

According to CBSLA, the passenger knew the people he was sitting with, but his motive is yet to be revealed.

He was pacified by one of the passengers with the assistance of the cabin crew.

“I grabbed his hands behind his back and held him there while the flight attendants put the restraints on him,” a man who wants to be identified as Tom told CBSLA.

“At that point, he started yelling and tried to come towards the flight attendant, behind me, at the time. I really had a hell of a time keeping him in place there.”

The flight proceeded to New York after the aggressive passenger was escorted and taken into custody.

“Customer was escorted off the aircraft. Remaining customers resumed their scheduled flight to New York without further incident,” JetBlue representatives said.

Forcing a plane to make an emergency landing for odd reasons is nothing rare, unfortunately. An Iranian lady who was flying with her husband and young child with Qatar Air from Doha to Bali forced the pilot to divert the plane when she found out about her husband affair.  

A ridiculously named wi-fi “Bomb on board” caused unease on a plane flying from Nairobi to Istanbul two weeks ago making the plane land in Khartoum.bite

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the number of passengers restrained mid-flight for bad behaviour has increased by 50 per cent this year.