Bizarre items guests steal from luxury hotels

Bizarre items guests steal from luxury hotels

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From soaps through mattresses to pianos, 4-star and 5-star hotel guests like to lay their hands on various items

Most people have allowed themselves an occasional innocent snitch before checking out of a hotel room. According to a recent survey, however, some more determined lodgers go as far as walking off with large items, such as a mattress or a piano.

Wellness Heaven has asked 1,157 hoteliers from luxury hotels (634 4-star hotels and 523 5-star hotels) about the items their guests most commonly tend to repossess. The most frequent one was towels, indicated in almost 80 percent of all responses. Further down on the list appear bathrobes, hangers, pens, cutlery, and cosmetics.

Hoteliers have revealed that alongside the more common items, guests also lay their hands on more high-end things, such as lamps, mattresses, TV sets, pianos, or even stuffed animals.

Guests in more luxurious hotels have a liking for more luxurious items

Pianos have also become targeted by light-fingered hotel guests — ShutterstockPianos have also become targeted by light-fingered hotel guests — Shutterstock

The research showed that, for example, high-quality TV sets were nine times more likely to be stolen in a five-star hotel than in a four-star hotel. Other more popular items include artwork (5.5 higher probability of being stolen), tablet computers, and mattresses. 

A piece as large as a mattress is usually stolen during the night: “They [hoteliers] told me that it usually happens at night time — when the reception is not open, when there is nobody there. Some of them have security camera footage showing them transporting it to the elevator,” Tassilo Keilmann, CEO of Wellness Heaven, told CNN.

On the other hand, guests of four-star hotels prefer more practical things, such as batteries and light bulbs. 

Hotel portal Wellness Heaven was founded in 2006 by quantum physicist Dr. Tassilo Keilmann. It reviews spa and luxury hotels in Asia and Europe using a standardized test procedure.

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