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Boom! Supersonic jet to fly between London and New York in three hours

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New jet to be launched in 2025 will fly at over 1,687mph

Supersonic travel may soon be possible again, thanks to a company appropriately named Boom Supersonic.

The company’s founder, Blake Scholl, revealed plans for their Mach 2.2 airliner at Dubai Airshow this week. Mach 2.2 is approximately 1,687mph, 100mph faster than Concorde and 2.6 times faster than any other aircraft currently available.

Boom's new airliner will fly at mach 2.2 – Boom SupersonicBoom’s new airliner will fly at mach 2.2 – Boom Supersonic

Boom’s prosaically named jet, the Boom Passenger Airliner, will carry 55 passengers, and it is currently looking for a location in which to manufacture the planes. The company hopes it will take to the skies in 2025.

Travel times between London and New York will be cut to three and a quarter hours. However, seats will sell for an eye-watering $2,500 each way. It is unlikely that Norwegian Airlines will be worried by the competition.

The company has headhunted staff from Boeing, Airbus and NASA to bring the project to completion.

Scholl claimed his company had learned from the mistakes made by the designers and operators of Concorde.

Every passenger will have a window and aisle seat – Boom SupersonicEvery passenger will have a window and aisle, first-class quality seat – Boom Supersonic

The supersonic airliner was designed first flew in 1969 and was operated by British Airways and Air France. But it only caught the public’s imagination and no more. At the time, even a seat in steerage on a trans-Atlantic flight was prohibitively expensive and only twenty planes were ever built.

Boom say that they have already received 76 orders for their Passenger Airliner from five airlines, and have identified 500 possible routes.

The Passenger Airliner will fly at 60,000ft to reduce wind resistance. Passengers will be able to see the curvature of the earth from their first-class window seat.

There will be only two single-seat rows – so everyone will have a window, there will be no clambering to the aisle, and, most importantly, there will be no competition for the armrest.

At the Dubai Airshow, Scholl said: “Think about for a moment the families that are separated because of the long flights. Think about the trips not taken because when you add up the lost hours, the trip just doesn’t feel worth it.”

“That’s where we come in. We are a team of engineers and technologists, brought together for the sole purpose of making our world dramatically more accessible. You won’t have to be on the Forbes’ list to be able to fly, it will cost about the same as flying business class today. The ultimate goal is to make supersonic affordable for anyone who flies.”

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