British Airways Media Centre British Airways launches limited-edition Marmite jars

British Airways launches limited-edition Marmite jars

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Standard Marmite jars are the most often confiscated item at London City airport

In order to celebrate its 100th anniversary, British Airways has launched a limited edition of cabin-friendly Marmite pots. The standard 250g jars can be exchanged for 70g jars which will allow the pot-holders to carry their favourite spread on board.

Passengers can swap their jars free of charge at the customs gates at London City airport on April 30. From 1 May, it will be possible to purchase the 70g jars in-flight for $3.9 (£3). The cost of the limited-edition jars is comparable to the cost of a 250g jar purchased at a supermarket.

Marmite Amnesty at London City Airport, UK — British Airways Media Centre British Airways launches limited-edition Marmite jarsMarmite Amnesty at London City Airport, UK — British Airways Media Centre

As it turns out, standard marmite jars are the most-often confiscated item at London City airport. The number of deserted jars of Marmite saw an increase of 50 per cent in the first three months of 2019, according to the airport. Every day, an average of six jars are taken away from travellers. The airport forecasts that some 2,000 jars of Marmite will be confiscated this year under the current restrictions on liquids.

The majority of the captured food items are being donated to the local charity Community Food Enterprise.

“It’s clear that customers like to enjoy their favourite brands like Marmite while travelling or when they’re abroad. We work with some of the best of British to bring them to our customers on board our flights and now, in our centenary year we will have even more brands alongside Marmite that our customers can enjoy,” said Hamish McVey, British Airways’ head of brand and marketing.

The limited-edition jar is just one in many British Airways’ centenary items

The Marmite jars are part of a series of partnerships with British brands during the airline’s centenary celebrations.

Earlier this month, the airline announced a partnership with Scottish craft brewers, BrewDog. The brewers have created a transatlantic IPA for customers.

The airline has also teamed up with luxury British watchmakers Bremont on the launch of a new limited-edition timepiece, featuring metal from Concorde — one of the most famous and iconic planes in history.

Marmite has been the country’s most loved and hated spread since 1902. It was discovered by a German scientist who discovered that brewer’s yeast could be concentrated, bottled and eaten.

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