Take the stress out of travel: World Travel Hackers on insurance from Kiwi.com and AXA travel insurance

Take the stress out of travel: World Travel Hackers on insurance from Kiwi.com and AXA travel insurance

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Travel hacks

We hack the system, you fly for less: that’s Kiwi.com’s motto. Here’s where we round up our travel hacks. Everything from cheap flight tickets, flight booking hacks, the best ways to save money, and even a few secret hacks and tricks the airlines don’t want you to know!

We’re proud of our travel hacks here at Kiwi.com. Our powerful travel search with flexible filters can show you destinations you’d never even thought of, while hacks like Hidden Cities, throwaway ticketing, Price Alerts, flexible fares, self-transfer, and our unique Nomad multi-city search give you more options to book your perfect trip. Avoid hidden fees, save money, and book cheap flights using Kiwi.com.

Easy travel hacks

When searching on Kiwi.com, if you see the words Travel Hack and a star next to a route, you’ll know you’re saving money. That can be either buying a return ticket that’s cheaper than flying one-way, or getting off the plane one stop early to save money.

Kiwi.com also combines airlines that don’t usually work together, so you can choose the itinerary that works for you rather than one the airlines want you to take.

Our Hack the Hidden City series also gives you help and advice for when you get to your destination. We guide you though some of the world’s most famous cities with advice on things to see and do, what to eat and drink, and where to go to meet locals. Avoid the crowds and save money with Hack the Hidden City, from Kiwi.com.

Flexible search for cheap travel

Our powerful Kiwi-Code searches over two billion flights a day to bring you the cheapest deals, as well as airline flash sales, special offers and low prices on popular routes.

Try searching to Anywhere and filtering by Cheapest to see where you could fly cheaply, or build a multi-city trip using Nomad. Simply pick the places you’d like to visit, and Nomad finds the cheapest route between all of them.

Travel tips and hacks for air travel

It’s not just tips for saving money. Our travel hack category includes tips on how to pack, how to get the best and most comfortable seats on a plane, how to make the most of your time at the airport… and things you shouldn’t do while flying!

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