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How to travel and work around the world… and get paid for it!

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Travel inspiration

Travel inspiration is where you’ll find travel guides, bucket lists, curated listicles, and the best ideas for trips to Europe, the US, Asia, and much more.

Need to get inspired? Look no further.’s travel inspiration caters for everyone from adventure seekers to beach bums, backpackers, budget travelers, and much, much more. We find the cheapest countries to visit, recommend itineraries, and provide hints and tips for the cheapest flights to all the places listed.

Maybe you’re searching for ideas in a specific region: South-East Asia, the Caribbean, Central America, the Mediterranean? Maybe you’re looking for the world’s best beaches, a list of music festivals, top sports events? Perhaps you want to find the best vegan food in the world, or travel to places that are LGBTQ+ friendly? You can find all of this and more, right here.

We’ve got seasonal articles, from cheap summer getaways to the best winter markets and most popular ski resorts. We’re always looking to save you money, so lots of our inspirational content is written with that in mind: last-minute deals, unusual city breaks, off-the-beaten-track places to explore. All of our guides list the cheapest flights to the best places, chosen by our writers, each one an experienced and knowledgeable traveler… just like you!

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