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Cairo offers the least costly public transportation out of 53 countries

When planning a holiday abroad, it might come in handy to know beforehand the most affordable way to get from the airport or station to your hotel or how to get around the city. That’s also the reason why the international platform Taxi2Airport gathered data to research public transportation prices in 53 countries and 80 cities worldwide.

Generally, the most common means of public transportation is the bus, metro, and tram. 35.8 per cent of the analyzed tourist cities provide their citizens and visitors with bus service. The metro is accessible in 19.8 per cent of cases while the tram and metro combined have a share of 12.3 per cent.


A single ticket in Venice can cost you €7.67 in case you take the water bus — Bankoo / ShutterstockA single ticket in Venice can cost you €7.67 in case you take the water bus — Bankoo / Shutterstock


When it comes to prices, one trip in Europe will come up to an average of €2.74 while a similar trip in Africa will cost you only €0.28. The average price in South America is €0.75 and in Asia, it is €1.37. The most expensive ticket you’ll purchase in Australia and New Zealand at an average cost of €2.74.

Within Europe itself, Eastern Europe offers the least costly public transport, with one ticket at an average price of €0.94. On the other hand, in Northern Europe, you might have to dig deeper into your pocket. An average ticket price is €3.99. As a comparison, the prices in Southern and Western Europe are €2.14 and €2.51 respectively.

A one-way ticket in Copenhagen can cost you up to €13.90

In an English-speaking country, the average price of one ticket is €2.22 while in a Spanish-speaking one the price hovers around €0.72 for a single ticket. And a ticket in a Mandarin-speaking destination would cost you on average €0.70.

To mention a few extremes, a single ticket in Venice can cost you €7.67 in case you take the water bus. And in Copenhagen, a one-way ticket can even go up to € 13.90. The cheapest ticket, however, can be found in Cairo, Egypt, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, for an average price of €0.1 and €0.11 respectively.

The 5 lowest average ticket prices:

  1. Cairo — €0.1
  2. Buenos Aires — €0.12
  3. Dakar — €0.22
  4. Mexico City — €0.23
  5. Quito — €0.25

The 5 highest average ticket prices:

  1. Stockholm — €4.87
  2. Oslo — €4.27
  3. Washington DC — €3.58
  4. Zurich — €3.04
  5. Melbourne — €2.98