Chicago McDonald’s launches global menu

Chicago McDonald’s launches global menu

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World’s largest fast-food chain offers all the planet’s flavours in one place

Bacon fries from Australia, Hong Kong’s marinated chicken breast, or vanilla ice cream from the beaches of Brazil. Because the world’s leading fast-food restaurant chain McDonald’s operates in 133 different countries, their offer varies from country to country.

Chicago McDonald’s launches global menu

That is why, for the occasion of launching a new headquarters in Chicago’s West Loop neighbourhood, the company has decided to put the best of its global menus in one place.

While they still serve all time classics, such as Big Macs, Quarter Pounders with Cheese and Chicken McNuggets, they also feature options such as Canada’s Mighty Angus Burger, the McSpicy Chicken Sandwich from Hong Kong, or Mozza Salad from France.

“As part of our new headquarters, we wanted to provide our customers with an exciting way to experience our global menu right here in Chicago,” said Steve Easterbrook, McDonald’s President and CEO.

“We are delighted to showcase a taste of McDonald’s from all over the world making this location a one-of-a-kind experience that Chicagoans will enjoy with friends and family.”

The restaurant, which is larger than 550-square-metres, also has a Latin American-style dessert centre offering delicious desserts from the region and an Australian McCafé area serves coffee crafted by McDonald’s trained baristas.

The menu will regularly rotate so that each meal gets a chance to shine.

The new headquarters restaurant menu:

The Mighty Angus Burger from Canada – an angus burger, weighing a third of a pound, topped with a glazed poppy and sesame seed bun, lettuce, onion cheese and bacon and smoky angus sauce.

Mighty Angus Burger— McDonald's globa menuMighty Angus Burger — McDonald’s

The McSpicy Chicken Sandwich from Hong Kong – a spicy breaded and marinated chicken breast fried served on a classic sesame seed bun with lettuce.

McSpicy Chicken Sandwich — McDonald's global menuMcSpicy Chicken Sandwich — McDonald’s

Cheese & Bacon Loaded Fries from Australia – fries served with warm melted cheese and crispy bacon bits.

Cheese & Bacon Loaded Fries — McDonald's global menuCheese & Bacon Loaded Fries — McDonald’s

The Italian Mozza Salad, a pasta salad with roasted tomatoes dressed in balsamic vinegar, served with mozzarella cheese, arugula leaves, choice of crispy or grilled chicken and a breadstick


Mozza Salad — McDonald's global menuMozza Salad — McDonald’s

The Manhattan Salad from France, which is a mix of lettuces, baby kale, romaine and spring lettuce topped with grape tomatoes, dried cranberries and sliced apples, served with choice of crispy or grilled chicken and a breadstick.


Manhattan Salad — McDonald's global menuManhattan Salad — McDonald’s

The McFlurry Prestígio from Brazil – vanilla ice cream, mixed with strawberry sauce and chocolate covered coconut bites

McFlurry Prestígio — McDonald's global menuMcFlurry Prestígio — McDonald’s

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