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Croatia introduces 81 new flight connections this summer

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The Mediterranean country’s first weekly summer flight schedule is 30% busier than last year

This summer period, Croatia will experience some busy times. The country has been enjoying the status of a popular holiday destination for decades. But with the new flight schedule for this year’s season, it will likely attract even more visitors.

During the flight period from 31 March to 27 October, there will be 81 new flights according to the Croatian Tourist Board. These include regular, low-cost, and charter flights from 24 different markets from around the world.

Overall, the country’s summer season took off with a record 252 flights. This number represents an increase of 30 per cent over the same period last year.

The majority of flights in the first week took place in Split, Dubrovnik, and the capital city of Zagreb.

The city of Dubrovnik — ShutterstockThe city of Dubrovnik — Shutterstock

The Croatian Tourist Board’s director, Kristjan Staničić, said that the newly established co-operation with air carriers is due to programmes of strategic promotional campaigns on markets that are aiming at positioning Croatia as an attractive and well-connected year-round destination.   

“We are particularly pleased with the new intercontinental line between Philadelphia and Dubrovnik, which for the first time, after almost 30 years, connects the US market,” said Staničić.

There are 14 new lines coming from Germany, followed by the UK (12), France (8), Italy (5), and the Netherlands (4).

Most new connections will be to Germany, the UK, France, Austria, and Switzerland. In Croatia, mainly the airports of Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, Pula, and Rijeka will operate new flights.

When it comes to carriers, Ryanair is introducing 15 new services to Croatia — the highest number of flights. Volotea is introducing eight, TUI six, and easyJet five new flights this summer.

Plitvice natural park in Croatia — CroatiaPlitvice natural park in Croatia — Croatia

Zagreb airport planning to add new long-haul flights

The Croatian airport, which currently operates a number of flights to far-away destinations in North America and Asia, is hoping to add more long-haul services. At present, New York is its primary target.

While no exact details have been shared with the public, establishing the new connection will most likely succeed.

The Zagreb Catherdral in Croatia's capital — ShutterstockThe Zagreb Catherdral in Croatia’s capital — Shutterstock

New York is a destination we are focusing on. We are in talks with airlines and we expect for the route to be launched. However, a bit more patience is required for a final agreement to be reached on when the flights will commence and who will be the operating carrier,” said the airport’s general manager Huseyin Bahadir Bedir.

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