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Croatia wins award for best World Travel Video

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Promotional video of Croatia recognised by professional jury as well as the online audience

Dubrovnik, Slavonia, fairy-tale like national parks, or dainty food. It is no wonder that the perks of Croatia highlighted in a video created by the Croatian Tourist Board caught the attention of travel industry professionals and travel lovers.

At the first annual Travel Video Awards’ ceremonial, that took place in Las Vegas on 9 April, the video directed by Nevio Marasović took the jury’s award in the Best Video by Tourist Organisation category, as well as the Industry Audience Award.  

While accepting the award at the event, Croatian Tourist Board director Kristjan Stanicic said: “This is a confirmation that in the Croatian tourism community, together with our partners, we can create top-level promotional items that are internationally recognized and accepted by professionals, but also by many travel lovers around the world.

The Travel Video Awards is an initiative that “honours innovative and inspiring travel videos released in 2017 by both independent filmmakers and brands from across the globe,” TVA said on their website.

“The TVA recognises distinguished cinematic and cutting-edge digital video content across a variety of categories.”

Mexico received two awards

For the inaugural event, contributors competed in different categories, such as the Nomad Award, two Audience Awards, among others.

The winner of the independent category was Kevin LeClerc with his shoot of Mexico. He received the Nomad Award as well as $4,000 cash.

“Since I was a kid, it always has been a dream of mine to see El dia de los Muertos in Mexico. So last October, my friend Max and I decided to travel there. It was my second time in this country I really fell in love with. We spent 3 weeks travelling around Quintana Roo, Yucatán and Campeche states,” LeClerk said about his video.

“I made this video to show how this country has his own culture, his own history that you will find nowhere else in the world. El dia de los Muertos is an event everybody should see once in his life, it really represents the Mexican soul. I would like to thank all amazing people I met there who made this journey unforgettable.”

However, LeClerk’s video about Mexico wasn’t the only one about a country that was successful at the event. The audience also appreciated Let’s go to Bacalar, Mexico, created by Holly Tuggy.

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