Tang Yan Song / Shutterstock Desperate passenger tries to catch flight on tarmac, gets arrested

Desperate passenger tries to catch flight on tarmac, gets arrested

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A Jetstar customer attempted to open the door to a wrong plane after not being let through the gate

Sprinting for a flight after arriving late to the boarding gate didn’t play out well for a Jetstar passenger at Melbourne airport on Thursday.

After the gate agents told him the flight had already left, he reportedly lit up a cigarette, knocked over a computer, pushed over airport employees, and in an attempt to catch his 9:30 flight to Adelaide, he burst out of the airport doors.

He bolted across the tarmac and ran up a flight of stairs. Then he tried to rip open the aeroplane’s door without realising that he didn’t even run to the right plane. The flight he attempted to board violently was heading to Sydney.

Crew members successfully restrained his behaviour until police arrived.

“@AusFedPolice officers have taken a man into custody after he ran across the tarmac then tried to rip open plane door. Three @JetstarAirways staff were allegedly attacked in the process,” journalist Kieran Jones said in a tweet commenting on a video revealing the man’s attempt.

An eyewitness, Susannah Murray, told the Daily Beast: “We were sitting waiting to get on the flight and people went, ‘Oh my God, what is going on?’ Someone was running on the tarmac. This man was trying to get up the stairs, he was physically fighting with the staff, punching and scratching them.”

A spokesperson for Jetstar said: “This behaviour is unacceptable and we have placed an immediate ban on this passenger travelling on all Jetstar and Qantas flights.”

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