EasyJet announces new crew and pilot uniforms from plastic bottles

EasyJet announces new crew and pilot uniforms from plastic bottles

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Each uniform will be made from 45 recycled plastic bottles

The British low-cost carrier easyJet has found an innovative way to update its pilot and cabin crew wardrobe. The new uniforms will be made out of recycled plastic bottles that could otherwise end up polluting the planet.

Roughly 45 bottles will go into each uniform and over the course of a five-year contract, the airline will prevent a total of 2,7 million bottles, or over 500 thousand bottles per year, being dumped into landfills or in the ocean.

The program will utilize a total of 2,7 million plastic bottles otherwise winding up in landfills and oceans

Each uniform will consist of roughly 45 plastic bottlesEach uniform will consist of roughly 45 plastic bottles — easyJet Media Room

Apart from incorporating plastic bottles, the new uniforms make use of high-tech material from renewable energy sources that has a 75% lower carbon footprint than traditional polyester. In comparison to non-recycled material, it’s more abrasion-resistant. It also offers more elasticity and the possibility of lasting longer, decreasing the number of uniform items needed in the long term.

The new design was manufactured by Northern-Ireland based company Tailored Image and trialed last year. It’ll go into circulation among the crew this month. 

In its efforts to become more environment-friendly, easyJet has also replaced clothing-related packaging, such as using recyclable cardboard collar strays instead of plastic ones, metal shirt clips, and biodegradable shirt covers.

EasyJet has never used plastic straws

EasyJet has never used a single plastic strawEasyJet has never used a single plastic straw — easyJet Media Room

The airline has also been en route to reducing single-use plastic items from its flights: it has introduced a plant-based teabag holder, removed 27 million plastic items from its inflight retail business in 2020, and has never used plastic straws. Additionally, customers who bring their own reusable cup onboard its planes will receive a 50p discount on hot drinks.

“Climate change is an issue for all of us, and at easyJet, we are looking at all parts of our operation to see where we can reduce carbon emissions and reduce waste,” said Tina Milton, Director of Cabin Services at easyJet.

“It is a priority for us to continue work on reducing our carbon footprint in the short term, coupled with long-term work to support the development of new technology, including zero-emission planes which aspire to reduce the carbon footprint of aviation radically.”

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