Week in travel: European airline to weigh passengers

Famous rock banned for climbers, best French city for living revealed, and the mystery of pyramids resolved. The world has gone through a lot of changes in the past seven days

Another week is over, and we bring you the most important travel news. The industry has gone through some significant transformations, and the world is one secret short

Great Pyramid of Giza mystery resolved: Scientists believe to know how Egyptians built it

Scientists discovered a large void inside the Great Pyramid of Giza — Shutterstock
Scientists discovered a large void inside the Great Pyramid of Giza — Shutterstock

The largest man-made structure of ancient Egypt still has a lot to unravel. But a group of international researchers believe they have found proof of how the Great Pyramid of Giza was constructed.

The team discovered a 100 ft long hidden void that is placed directly above the Grand Gallery, through which the pyramid is accessible from the outside.

“We were very surprised to see a big anomaly. We were expecting to detect the King’s chamber and grand gallery, but we were surprised to find a big void, and we think what we have is very important,” said Mehdi Tayoubi, president of the Heritage Innovation Preservation Institute.

Dr Kate Spence, from the University of Cambridge, considers this void to be a good help to resolve the puzzle as to how the Egyptians got their huge stones inside.

“I think it is an inclined ramp that was used to transport huge blocks into the centre of the pyramid and then sealed off by the builders. The orientation leads up to the huge granite roof struts at the top of the relieving chamber,” she said.

It looks like the great pharaoh Khufu is one secret short again.

Finnair to weigh you before flight – but don’t worry, you won’t pay more

 Finnair will weigh passengers along with their luggage. But they won't charge any extra — Shutterstock
Finnair will weigh passengers along with their luggage. But they won’t charge any extra — Shutterstock

Passengers travelling with the European carrier Finnair will have to face yet another obstruction before they get to their seats. The airline has decided to weigh travellers before they board a plane.

The carrier plans to place between 100 and 150 of its clients on the scales along with their luggage for every flight. But nobody has to be afraid of paying an additional fee.

Finnair announced that they won’t penalise anyone exceeding the possible limits, they will start with this procedure in an attempt to cut operating costs.

“We want to make sure we have the best possible data at our disposal also in this respect,” Sami Suokas, manager of customer processes at Finnair, told the Helsinki Times.

“That’s why we’re collecting data from our own network.”

However, it might make you question thoughts of visiting the lounge deli before boarding.

No more climbing on Uluru: Australians voted to protect their landmark

A historic vote imposed a climbing ban on tourists visiting Uluru from October 2019 — FiledIMAGE / Shutterstock
A historic vote imposed a climbing ban on tourists visiting Uluru from October 2019 — FiledIMAGE / Shutterstock

One of the most recognisable natural highlights of the Land down under will close for climbers. The indigenous people agreed with park managers on a future ban for visitors.

Traditional owners and national park managers made the historic decision on Wednesday and tourists won’t be allowed to climb the world’s second highest rock from October 2019.

The request to protecting the landmark is long-held by the Indigenous people in central Australia, the Anganu, who find the practice of using the rock as a “playground or theme park” unacceptable.

“Over the years Anangu have felt a sense of intimidation as if someone is holding a gun to our heads to keep it open. Please don’t hold us to ransom,” said Sammy Wilson, a traditional owner of the natural monument.

Forget Paris! A study reveals Lille is the best French city to live in

The capital of Northern Franc, Lille, is the best French city to live in — Shutterstock
The capital of Northern Franc, Lille, is the best French city to live in — Shutterstock

New research from one of the biggest French job searching tools, Jobijoba, in cooperation with Meilleurtaux.com, suggests that Lille is the best French city for living.

This northern capital of Hauts-de-France has the best conditions for finding a new job and accommodation and scores the best in a category called Lifestyle Barometer.

To calculate the score the agency combined factors of the labour market, real estate prices, interest rates and median wages, and Lille not only outperformed the overburdened Paris, but it also turned out to be the most progressive place in the whole of France.

“Job recruitment in 2017 has grown by 10% in comparison to the precedent year,” said Anne-Julie Le Serviget from Jobijoba. The city now has 12,3 job offers per 100 inhabitants.

Apparently, the young French have already acknowledged the welcoming conditions of Lille and started to move in.

Filipinos can flight to Taiwan without visa

 Filipinos visiting Taiwan have a temporary visa-free regime — cesc_assawin / Shutterstock
Filipinos visiting Taiwan have a temporary visa-free regime — cesc_assawin / Shutterstock

Travelling between Manila and Taipei has become easier for visitors from the Philippines as a temporary visa-free regime was launched on Wednesday.

The Taiwanese government decided to grant the visa-free entry after the number of tourists from the Philippines rose by 70 per cent from last year, more than 200,000 Filipinos visited Taiwan during the first nine months of this year.

However, there still is a catch. The visa-free stay is limited to up to two weeks for tourism, business, visiting relatives and other purposes, and the whole regime will last only nine months.