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Eurostar chaos: Delays and cancellations run into second day

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Freight train breaks down in Channel Tunnel

The Eurostar has been hit with a second day of delays and cancellations after a freight train broke down midway through its journey.

Currently, trains are only able to operate on one of the two lines under the Channel.

The first train of the day from London to Paris is expected to arrive two hours late. It is thought to have followed the freight train into the tunnel before the trouble.

One train later today has already been cancelled.

Passengers on the cancelled train have already been informed that they will be able to change their tickets.

On Sunday, there were a number of security incidents in Paris and one train broke down, leaving thousands of passengers affected.

Paris Gare du Nord has special platforms for Eurostar trains. For security reasons, only these trains are allowed to use these platforms and passengers are subjected to a special security check before entering.

But a signalling error caused another non-Eurostar train to be rerouted to one of the platforms, and the area was immediately considered to be compromised.

The Independent reports that all passengers were required to leave the area and required to go through security again.

Earlier in the day, two suspicious packages at Gare du Nord led to evacuations, and the 11.13 Eurostar departure broke down.

Passengers on the 11.13 were sent to Lille to catch one of the trains that had departed from Brussels. They arrived in London four hours late.

The “rogue train” was the straw that broke the camel’s back. After that every train departing Gare du Nord was at least one hour late, and the 18.43 was cancelled.

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