Exclude countries from search while planning your trip with Kiwi.com

Exclude countries from search while planning your trip with Kiwi.com

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A new filter allows you to remove stopover destinations from your search with the click of a button

Countries around the world have been grouping into travel bubbles and introducing rules for both domestic and international travelers due to the ongoing pandemic. For this reason, keeping ahead of all the latest changes and still enjoying the freedom that travel offers has become more complicated these days. That’s why we’ve come up with an Exclude Countries filter for our search that will help you plan the trip to your next destination with ease.

Are you traveling internationally with one or multiple stopovers on the way? This feature allows you to remove from your search those countries you think might be difficult or inconvenient for you to pass through. You don’t have to worry about not finding the best option for your travel just because you exclude certain countries, our algorithm will still calculate the best possible route for you.

It’s quick and easy to use

Sometimes you might be traveling a long way and your journey contains one or more stopovers, other times you might want to have a quick stop in one of the places on your bucket list while on your way to your holiday destination. Whatever the reasons, you simply want to choose the most convenient route.  

While searching for a connection on Kiwi.com, open the Exclude Countries filter on your screen. It will prompt you to select those countries you do not wish to travel through. The list of countries that you’ll see depends on the country from which you are traveling and the country you’re traveling to. It will change dynamically as you adjust your search. Either that, or you can simply type in the name of a country you want to exclude.

Customize your trip by picking the countries you find convenient to travel through

We will always aim to show you the best results for your search and excluding countries won’t make any difference, so you can always book with confidence. 

“The Exclude Countries filter is one of many exciting features we have introduced lately. Like all the other tools, this one, too, is meant to bring back the simplicity of travel,” says Kiwi.com Senior Product Manager, Viliam Džama, who led the development of the feature.

“Let’s assume you are flying from country A on one end of the globe to country B on the opposite end. Our database contains hundreds, maybe thousands of combinations of how to get to your destination. Even if you take some of these combinations out of the equation by excluding certain countries, you will still have a large amount of options to choose from. We always aim to show you the best results for your search,” he adds.

We’re working on many exciting features for our customers. What are they?

Availability Alert will notify you once we find an available connection for your routeAvailability Alert will notify you once we find an available connection for your route — Kiwi.com

We have found inspiration for our website functionalities in customer behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, when it comes to international travel, it is more important than ever to stay informed about the latest travel restrictions and requirements. That’s also why we will soon be releasing a Travel Restrictions feature on our search. It will automatically update customers about the latest restrictions on their desired route and help them plan and book travel with confidence. 

Our Availability Alert feature went live several weeks ago. It notifies customers about the reopening of their route — we’ll send the customer an email if we find an available connection for them, including planes, buses, and trains.

Visit our FAQ section for more information about new features, how to add extras to your booking, or refund options. For product news, travel inspiration, and fun content check out our online magazine Kiwi.com Stories. And, of course, try out all our features and filters directly on the Kiwi.com search.

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