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Extreme turbulence makes whole United Airlines flight throw up

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“Pretty much everyone on the plane threw up. Pilots were on the verge of throwing up”

A United Airlines flight from Flight from Charlottesville, Virginia to Washington D.C. turned into a dizzy experience for passengers on Friday as they encountered the “monster nor’easter” storm, causing heavy turbulence.

The weather system that was expected to bring flooding and wind damage to the East Coast caused turbulence so extreme during landing, that almost all passengers on board experienced stomach issues and started vomiting.

As the aviation weather centre’s aircraft data report reveals, even the pilots went through hard times trying not to copy their passengers.

“VERY BUMPY ON DESCENT. PRETTY MUCH EVERY ONE ON THE PLANE THREW UP. PILOTS WERE ON THE VERGE OF THROWING UP,” says the pilots’ report published by Radiant Solutions and Weather Desk on their Twitter account.

Passengers later confirmed the stomach trouble occurred across all 50 travellers and three crew members on board.

“It’s true 1 by 1 we all started getting sick. I felt fine until the person next to me puked then our row ran out of bags,” Twitter user Carmelo replied to the published report.

“My entire flight threw up while trying to land in DC because of the Philly weather. Hell on earth,” another user confirmed.

United Airlines later issued a statement that sounds far less dramatic.

“Air Wisconsin Flight 3833 operating as United Express from Charlottesville, Va. to Washington Dulles International encountered turbulence because of high winds,” the carrier said.

“A few customers onboard the regional jet became ill as the aircraft was preparing to land. The aircraft landed safely and taxied to its gate. No customers required medical attention because of the turbulence.”

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