“Fake plane challenge” on the rise in China

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People love to travel. And apparently, people also like to fake travel. China has been seeing a new internet craze lately — the fake plane challenge

The new trend has been spreading around on Chinese social media site Weibo and video platform TikTok.

The very essence of the challenge is to use an object people have lying around their house to pretend they are on a flight. And the participants are trying really hard to find the perfect object that would represent a plane window, or at least its edge.

With more than 20 million views, people are becoming creative.

Online photographs show people using mug handles, toilet seats, or detergent bottles to recreate a believable image of them travelling places on a plane.

And of course, the scenery is important, too. A shot of clouds or the city below displayed on a computer screen will do the trick.

And apparently, the involvement of dogs, cats, or other pets will bring in bonus points.

Weibo is the Twitter of China or, to be more precise, it is a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook. Similarly to Twitter worldwide, Weibo has revolutionised social networking and microblogging in China.

#fallingstars2018 challenge

The craze is similar to last year’s falling stars challenge. In this, the posters were uploading their most extravagant fake falls on Instagram.

These often featured private jets, boats or another scenic or opulent background.

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