Finnair to sell plane food in supermarkets

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Taste of Finnair aims to provide a business-class experience of Nordic-Japanese fusion

It’s happy times for those in Finland craving the taste of good old airplane food. The flag carrier Finnair has started selling inflight meals in a supermarket near Helsinki with plans to expand into other stores across the country.

The pilot scheme launched under the name “Taste of Finnair”. From 15 October, it is available at K-Citymarket Tammisto in Vantaa in close proximity to the country’s capital and the Finnair Kitchen headquarters. The airline plans to start selling ready-made meals in other K-Citymarkets and possibly other places in Finland as well.

“We are excited when we can make familiar flavors easily available to people in the grocery store,” said Juha Stenholm, head of product development at Finnair Kitchen.

Before bringing the concept to customers, the airline tested it internally on the airline staff.

Finnair Kitchen launched with smoked char with risotto and beef teriyaki

The venture aims to satisfy foodies with a business-class quality of dining while fusing flavors of Nordic and Japanese cuisines. The menu is set to change every two weeks.

Finnair Kitchen’s first menu comprises two main courses of smoked char with chanterelle risotto and beef with teriyaki-radish sauce, spring onion and rice. The meals are available to buy daily at a price of €12.90. 

Every weekend from Friday to Sunday the Kitchen will offer an appetizer for €5.90. The first one on the list is roasted carrot and blue cheese mousse with hazelnuts. 

The concept secures jobs for Finnair’s former employees

Due to the pandemic, Finnair has had to temporarily lay off a large number of its 7,000 employees. According to Marika Nieminen, VP of Finnair Kitchen, September’s flight traffic was down 91% compared to the year before.

Thanks to the Finnair Kitchen concept, the airline has been able to bring back about 10 of its employees.

“This project has been especially great, as so many of Kitchen’s employees are temporarily laid off, we can create new work and employment for our people,” added Nieminen.

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