First winners of our Spider-Man™ contest are set to take off

First winners of our Spider-Man™ contest are set to take off news


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From Venice to Dublin to Miami: NOMAD takes winners all around the world

On 26 June, launched a contest featuring the revolutionary search tool NOMAD and the newest Sony Pictures film Spider-Man™: Far From Home. In total 42 contestants will receive a prize of up to €1,000 to travel far from home. Meet some of the winners who are already set to go on an adventure of their lifetime.

Travelling all the way from Miami to Europe in late autumn is Eliana C. and her friend. Eliana skillfully managed to utilise the prize in its entirety — she will be visiting Rome, Prague, Berlin and Barcelona before returning back to the United States


Eliana C.'s epic trip from Miami through Europe using NOMAD — Kiwi.comEliana C.’s epic trip for two from Miami through Europe using NOMAD —

“It has been a childhood dream of mine to backpack through Europe and visit historically rich destinations. I have never been to any of the destinations chosen for my itinerary. I am most excited to visit Prague and Berlin due to all their architecture and history. Barcelona also excites me because of its amazing food and lively culture!” says Eliana. 

Eliana learned about her win while she was on a lunch break with colleagues. She was so excited that she immediately had to tell everybody within earshot.

“I was having lunch with my work colleagues and jumped up and yelled when I heard I won the prize!”

In early September, winner Gabriela M. and her friend will travel from Prague to London, Amsterdam, Paris, Venice and end their trip in Athens before returning back to Prague. She found her trip for two around Europe for €461.

For “their architecture, culture and beaches”, Luz M. will travel with her son to some amazing destinations in Europe and even visit Morocco.

Thanks to using the NOMAD search, their trip from Madrid all the way to Tenerife, London, Brussels, Prague, Marrakesh and back to Madrid comes to €992 for two people. 


Luz M.'s trip for two around Europe and even including Tenerife and Marrakech — Kiwi.comLuz M.’s trip for two around Europe and even including Tenerife and Marrakesh —

At only €854 for two, Jiří D. and his friend won a trip to eight destinations both in and out of Europe in August. Starting their journey in Prague, together they will visit some of the cities featured in the film, such as London, Paris, or Venice. On top of that, they will also fly to Marrakesh and travel around Spain to Málaga, Madrid, Barcelona and even Mallorca.


Jiří D.'s trip for two will take them to a whopping eight destinations around Europe, including Marrakech — Kiwi.comJiří D.’s trip for two will take them to a whopping eight destinations around Europe, including Marrakesh —

“I saw the film and I am a big fan. I’m planning to watch it again at some of the destinations I visit. It’s a great film and I recommend it to everyone.

“I’ve already been to some of the destinations Peter Parker visited in Spider-Man™: Far From Home. That’s why I decided to spice up my trip. I’ve planned for a two-week-long marathon around Europe with one stop in Morocco to enjoy some proper sun,” Jiří D. adds.

Everyone can submit an entry to win a trip for two worth up to €1,000

Every day, selects two contestants who sign up for the NOMAD / Spider-Man™ prize draw by submitting a multi-city trip for two. Each of them wins a trip for two people worth up to 1,000 to follow in the footsteps of Peter Parker and his friends.

The contest is based on the destinations featured in the latest addition to the Marvel Universe films, however, contestants can design their own ideal multi-city trip. 

Winner Eliana says about using NOMAD: “I really enjoyed using NOMAD as it gives me the flexibility to choose what dates I want to start and end my trip. I also love the fact that I can choose a range of dates I would like to stay in each destination. This flexibility creates an immense combination of possibilities to choose and book from.”

The revolutionary search tool NOMAD from allows travellers to combine destinations they would like to visit and then calculates the cheapest possible route between them. 

The NOMAD / Spider-Man™ contest continues to run and is open to anyone in the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, and the Czech Republic. To improve the likelihood of winning, everyone who shares the contest with friends will receive two extra entries in the draw for every friend who enters the contest through their link.

For more information and to sign up, visit


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