FlightRadar (probably) captured flying’s busiest day ever

FlightRadar (probably) captured flying’s busiest day ever

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The aviation industry experienced one of the busiest days in its history with more than 200,000 planes in the sky

FlightRadar24 published a memorable record on Saturday. In a tweet, they showed an animated map of more than 202,000 flights taking of during just 24 hours. With such a high aircraft density, the day was one of the busiest in aviation history.

The flight monitoring service, based in Sweden, wrote on Twitter: “Yesterday was the busiest day of the year in the skies so far and our busiest day ever. 202,157 flights tracked! The first time we’ve tracked more than 200,000 flights in a single day.”

The service added an animated map to the tweet showing the peak time of Friday’s operation. More than 19,000 flights in the air at the same time.

According to the service, the exact number of 202,157 flights tracked over one day was the highest in the company’s history. However, they couldn’t say for certain if the day was the busiest overall.

Flightradar24 claims it is “the world’s most popular flight tracking service, turning your phone, tablet, or computer into a virtual air traffic radar showing detailed aircraft and flight info for flights worldwide”.

The service was launched in 2006 and until now, had never managed to track more than 200,000 flights over one day.

The service utilises various data sources, such as ADS-B, MLAT and radar data. They aggregate the figures together with flights’ schedules and status data from airlines and airports. From the scheme, they predict and track air traffic over the globe.

FlightRadar24 added that In comparison to the busiest day so far, the least demanding day in air travel is usually Christmas Eve as passengers tend to travel before the holidays.

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