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Fly from Bratislava Airport: great deals to four new amazing destinations

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Low-cost tickets, easy access and no crowds make flying from Bratislava an easy choice. Plus, the four new routes to these destinations mean that taking the ideal vacation is even more convenient

Bratislava Airport has a lot to shout about right now. Not only does it provide regular routes to some amazing cities with Europe’s top budget carriers through; it’s also recently introduced four new destinations, which we’ll look at here.

On top of all that, it’s a sensible choice for any traveler. It’s only 15 minutes from the center of Bratislava, and the airy size of its modern building means you’ll zip through security in no time, giving you more opportunity to relax before your flight.

Let’s take a look at the four new destinations accessible from Bratislava Airport.

Marsa Alam, Egypt

Abu Dabbab beach in Marsa Alam — Getty ImagesAbu Dabbab Beach — Getty Images

On the Red Sea coast, the town of Marsa Alam sits on the huge, arcing Abu Dabbab beach where calm, clear waters lap at the warm sand. Coral reefs provide homes for sea turtles, octopuses, dugongs and more marine life, while the resorts backing onto the beach are less busy than those in places like Sharm El Sheikh.

It’s an absolute paradise for those who love the water, with diving and snorkeling available, as well as kitesurfing. For a touch of adventure, you can also choose to take a safari into the vast Eastern Desert where Roman settlers discovered gold and diamonds hidden in the craggy, imposing mountains. It’s pretty much the perfect destination for both relaxation and exploration.

Podgorica, Montenegro

The capital of Montenegro is a relatively small city of around 150,000 people that has been a settlement of some description for millennia. This is reflected in its architecture: the Ottoman buildings and narrow streets of the Old Town contrast with the more classically European style of wide streets and definite angles found across the Ribnica river.

Its location also means it’s handily placed to visit the coast, with towns like Budva and its ancient riviera only an hour or so away. Kotor (and the bay that shares its name) is only around 80 kilometers from Podgorica, and is a Unesco World Heritage Site due to its fortified Old Town, which is perched on one of the steep hillsides that tumble down to the water’s edge. The similarly pretty seaside towns of Bar (for excellent nightlife) and Ulcinj (one of the oldest towns on the Adriatic and a center for watersports) are both easily accessible by bus. Fly to Podgorica and use it as a base to explore this wonderful little country.

Kaunas, Lithuania

View of Old Town street in Kaunas — Getty ImagesLithuania’s second city is picturesque, cool, and largely undiscovered by tourist masses — Getty Images

The second city of Lithuania, Kaunas is seen by many Lithuanians as more representative of the country as a whole than Vilnius, the capital. Its red-brick Old Town is an elegant parade of 15th- and 16th-century merchants’ houses, along with a baroque Town Hall, a cathedral and a castle, ticking every single one of the classic-European-city boxes.

It’s also a great destination for nightlife, its university population flocking to the local bars, brew pub and dive bars for an eclectic mix of locally-brewed ales and music from indie-rock to electro and beyond. There are great museums and galleries too, from outdoor public art projects to a museum containing over 3,000 representations of the devil in various art forms. It’s cool, quaint, quirky, and very possibly your next city break.

Athens, Greece (beginning September 2023)


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For some late-season sun, Bratislava to Athens is pretty much the ideal route. It’s not as blazingly hot as in the middle of summer, but it’s still t-shirt and shorts territory.

Athens’ glories are many and well-known. Ancient structures like the Parthenon tower over the city, and everywhere you look there are reminders of the city’s age, provenance and importance; even some of the Metro stations are basically museums of discoveries made while building the system.

It manages to be both a manic, full-throttle city and a laid-back, chilled place, depending on where you are. Narrow stairways between whitewashed houses and lavender-scented squares invite you to simply sit and enjoy the feeling of the gentle breeze and the sun on your face, maybe with a coffee or some simple, local food. Read more about Athens with our in-depth guide.

Why fly from Bratislava? General information and network

Bratislava Airport has been handling traffic since 1951, and, since the Covid pandemic, has seen over 28,000 flights. Around nine kilometers from the city center, it’s easily accessible by car (around one hour from Vienna; just under two hours from Brno). The highway exit to the airport is only a few minutes drive to the terminal, and parking lots are conveniently located right next to the terminal. The airport can also easily be reached by public transport; see details below on how to get to Bratislava Airport from Austria, the Czech Republic, and elsewhere in Slovakia.

The airport itself impresses at first glance with its pleasant color combination, modern materials, and bright, airy atmosphere. The new main terminal of the airport was built in 2012, and designed to resemble aircraft structures from the time of M.R. Štefánik, the politician and aviator after whom the airport is named. The ceiling and check-in counters echo the lines of early 20th-century aircraft, yet the overall feeling is one of cleanliness and modernity.

A real talking point is the Caproni CA-33 aircraft which hangs on steel cables in the departure hall of the main terminal, and is a replica of the plane in which Štefánik flew from Italy to Slovakia in 1919. The three propellers are from Štefánik’s original plane and are over 100 years old.

This combination of modern design and well-used space means quick lines through security and passport control and ample seating once you’re on the other side. The usual array of shops, cafés and bars are available and, due to the spread of flight times during the day, delays are rare.

Finally, as well as the new destinations described above, there are flights from Bratislava to cities like London, Milan, Rome, Thessaloniki, Sofia and Edinburgh; as well as to popular holiday destinations such as Paphos, Hurghada, Corfu and Malta.

Getting to Bratislava Airport from Austria

From Austria, Flixbus runs services from Vienna Erdberg or Vienna Central Station directly to Bratislava Airport; or a train from Vienna to Bratislava Main Station takes just over an hour. From the station, bus 61 (or N61 at night) will get you directly to the airport (and back again) in around half an hour. Buses run every 15 minutes, so you’ll never be waiting long.

Getting to Bratislava Airport from the Czech Republic

It couldn’t be easier to get to Bratislava Airport using the train — Bratislava is on the main line from Brno and Prague (with connections to the wider country from Břeclav as well), and there are regular, direct trains. As mentioned above, from the station, bus 61 (or N61 at night) will get you directly to the airport (and back again) in around half an hour, leaving every 15 minutes or so.

Getting to Bratislava Airport from elsewhere in Slovakia

Most major Slovak cities have transport links to Bratislava, either by bus or train: ZSSK, České dráhy, Regiojet, and Flixbus all serve the capital from locations across the country. From the station, bus 61 (or N61 at night) is the airport connection, and number 96 serves the airport from the Bratislava-Petržalka bus station. Airport buses run regularly, every quarter of an hour. By car, it’s easy to reach via the D1 highway with the exit only a few minutes from the airport, and with parking right next to the terminal.

Bratislava airport: more choice, great value

It’s clear that Bratislava has so much to offer — not only its destinations, but also in terms of accessibility, value, and a stress-free airport experience. Search for flights from Bratislava on today to see where you could be tomorrow!

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