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FlyArystan: newest Kazakh budget airline takes off

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Air Astana’s low-cost carrier will operate six domestic routes with two Airbus A320 aircraft

The newest addition to the aviation world — FlyArystan — launched yesterday its very first flight from Almaty International airport. The carrier is a budget off-shoot of Kazakhstan’s flag carrier Air Astana.

Many of the staff — some 25 pilots and 45 flight attendants —  are seconded from Air Astana. Moreover, the parent airline also supplied an initial two Airbus A320 aircraft from its fleet.

In the last quarter of this year, Air Astana will supply two more A320s to the carrier. With the additional aircraft, it should be operating at least 12 routes in total.

For now, the airline will operate six domestic flights with journey times of a maximum of three hours. The connections include Taraz, Shymkent, Pavlodar, Uralsk, Nur-Sultan (Astana), and Karaganda.

“With this exciting new airline we are courting a new generation of travellers. People who typically get around our large country using the train or bus, or those who don’t travel at all,” said Tim Jordan, head of FlyArystan.

“We are pitching FlyArystan at the visiting friends and relatives market, primarily. In turn this will stimulate the leisure market as a second strand, together with an element of business travel.”

“A number of destinations handed over to us by Air Astana will suit a different, more price-conscious demographic. Accordingly, we aim to introduce some purchase options giving flexibility for business flyers, including offering refunds or the ability to change tickets, albeit at higher tariffs,” he added.


The decor will fit FlyArystan’s livery

FlyArystan’s aircraft received a fresh coating in red and white. They were refitted with 180 brand new blue leather Recaro slimline seats featuring red headrests. A local fashion house designed the cabin uniforms matching the airline’s colours.

The on-board refreshment service, FlyArystan café, will complement the low airfare prices of the budget carrier.

Moreover, FlyArystan’s logo features a lion which is a popular animal in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. It reflects the airline’s “brave and courageous” low-fare approach.

“What we are doing with this new airline is delivering something new and different for the people of Kazakhstan,” added Jordan.

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