Frontier gives free tickets to anyone called Green or Greene

Frontier gives free tickets to anyone called Green or Greene

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The Colorado-based airline claims to operate the “America’s greenest flight”

Passengers with last names Green or Greene have an opportunity to travel for free. As a part of the Green Week celebrations, Colorado-based airline Frontier offers everyone with these surnames free tickets for a flight on Tuesday, 13 August. 

The lucky people interested in this offer can book a ticket beforehand and then claim the option of a refund for round-trip as long as both segments are booked together. The airline has added that “the first segment must depart between 12:00 am and 11:59 pm on 13 August, and the return segment should arrive by 11:59 pm on 20 August 2019.” 


Eligible participants will receive a full refund up to $400. The airline said that the passengers can expect to see the refund by 15 September. However, spouses or family members who don’t share their last name are not eligible for the free flight

Frontier’s green way

The airline has reportedly decided to give away free tickets in an effort to promote fuel efficiency and sustainability. 

Frontier kicked off its Green Week on Tuesday with a flight from Denver to Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport in South Carolina. 


According to Frontier, the flight was made using one of the most fuel-efficient aircraft in the world, the A320neo.

The airline added that the “greenest flight is focused on sustainability on every level” and “service items utilised include compostable cold cups, hot cups and napkins made from recycled materials and bamboo stir sticks.”

It added that “to further lessen the environmental impact, Frontier is planting enough trees to offset the flight’s carbon footprint.”

“Our fleet’s fuel efficiency is unmatched by other US airlines and allows Frontier to deliver not only the lowest fares but the most sustainable approach to flying,” president and CEO Barry Biffle said in a statement.

“We’re very excited to share our green message with everyone,” said Zach Kramer, a Frontier Airline spokesman, adding that many people are tagging friends with those names. 

“I was surprised how many people have the last name Green.” 

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