Goa Tourism bans single-use plastics  

Goa Tourism bans single-use plastics  

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The whole Indian state aims to be completely plastic-free by 2022

One of the most popular tourist destinations in India might soon become a symbol of sustainable travel. Recently, Goa Tourism Development Corporation — a public limited company responsible for tourism in Goa — has announced a ban to all single-use plastics.

The Goa state government has pledged to make Goa completely plastic-free by 2022 — Shutterstock Goa Tourism bans single-use plastics  The Goa state government has pledged to make Goa completely plastic-free by 2022 — Shutterstock


Tourists are no longer allowed to use plastic glasses, cups, straws and so on in the corporation’s hotels and headquarters on an immediate basis.

Instead of plastics, the GTDC hotels and restaurants will serve beverages in glasses and paper cups. The company will also install water filters and dispensers in all the hotels and offices to ensure the use of plastic bottles is limited.

The new move supports the state government’s decision to make Goa completely plastic-free by 2022. The state pledged to get rid of single-use plastics as its New Year’s resolution last year. 

GTDC Chairman Dayanand Sopte said that the decision of eliminating plastic items across the state will go a long way in contributing toward cleaner and greener Goa. He added that growing plastic waste has become one of the major issues that almost all the states are facing. 

Currently, plastic bottles reportedly contribute to around 20 per cent of pollution in the oceans. A large volume of the waste also comes from the tourism industry. 


Sopte added that the department will also try to convince other partners and stakeholders in the tourism sector to launch a similar campaign aiming to eliminate the use of plastic bottles and items. 

The plastic-free trend is overtaking travel industry

Getting rid of single-use plastics has become an approach widely adopted by various key players in the travel sector. The pioneer of this action is the Alaska Airlines carrier that made more sustainable travel its priority in May last year. 

The airline was followed by Air New Zealand, Qantas, or American Airlines which underlines how focused the travel operators are at this issue. 

Similarly, an Italian island of Isole Tremiti banned the use of plastic plates, cups and other utensils under a possible fine of up to $600. 

“Day after day we’re seeing humans kill our sea and we had to do something, immediately,” said the archipelago’s mayor, Antonio Fentini, who imposed the policy in May last year.


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