How to find the cheapest flights from the UK

How to find the cheapest flights from the UK

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Where are the cheapest flight deals from the UK and how can you find the best prices? of course!

Have you tried searching for trips with It’s easy! Our Kiwi-Code checks over two billion prices every day, so you’ll always be sure you’re getting the best price. Try searching To: Anywhere and you might find yourself a holiday you’d never even thought of for an incredible price! Here’s just a tiny selection of the great deals has from the UK to Europe.

Ibiza is excellent for a spot of late-season sun

The town of Ibiza is a nice place to wander aroundThe town of Ibiza is a nice place to wander around — Shutterstock

Spain’s party island isn’t purely for clubbers, it’s also almost a cliche of what a Mediterranean island should look like. Craggy white cliffs drop to clear seas, secluded coves hide perfect beaches, whitewashed villages sit on the hillsides, just visible through the groves of fig and olive trees.

It’s also an excellent destination for a spot of late-season sun, being warmer even than other Balearic islands such as Mallorca. The town of Ibiza itself, although not particularly large, is a nice place to wander around, stopping here and there for refreshment. Like the rest of the island, it’s all about spending a lot of time doing very little.

Explore Bologna’s lively arts and music scene

Bologna is classic ItalyBologna is classic Italy — Shutterstock

Bologna is a city rich in more ways than one: the scope of its history, culture, food, education and politics meant that for centuries the money came rolling in, enabling its citizens to build and maintain a grand city. Nowadays, tech and business has kept that particular train rolling, while its university continues as one of Europe’s most respected institutions, and its reputation as “Red Bologna” — one of the most left-leaning cities in Italy — remains intact.

Its arts and music scene is one of the liveliest in the country, with festivals all summer long and into the fall, but even if you don’t fancy those, there’s always something going on. Or you could, of course, simply go for the food and drink: not for no reason is the city sometimes known as la grassa — the fat one. Regardless, the beauty of Bologna is found in many shapes and forms, from its red-brick buildings to its cafes, galleries, markets and piazzas. It’s classic Italy.

Gdańsk is simply a cool place to be

Tall, handsome merchants’ houses of Gdansk recall AmsterdamTall, handsome merchants’ houses of Gdansk recall Amsterdam — Shutterstock

A lesser-known destination, when compared to many others on this list, the northern Polish city of Gdańsk, is nevertheless carving itself a bit of a reputation as a cool place to be. Just over 470,000 people call it home, so it’s a decent size; add that to the city of Gdynia and the seaside resort town of Sopot, and the area known as the Trójmiasto or Tricity expands to around 1.5 million.

Ruled at various points by Poland, Germany, and Prussia, as well as times when it was an independent city-state, its complicated history didn’t stop it from becoming immensely wealthy through its importance as a port and center of trade, meaning the city has some of the grandest and most imposing buildings of their type in Europe. Tall, handsome merchants’ houses recall Amsterdam, the waterfront warehouses and docks are a more elegant Hamburg, and the Old Town? Well, anything Kraków can do, Gdańsk can more than match.

Architecture, culture, good-times vibe… Barcelona has it all

Seemingly everyone has either been to Barcelona or has it on their bucket listSeemingly everyone has either been to Barcelona or has it on their bucket list — Shutterstock

Seemingly one of those cities that everyone in the world has either been to or has on their bucket list, Barcelona’s reputation as an amazing place to visit is well founded. Few other cities can rival it for history, architecture, culture, scenery and just plain good-times vibe.

Its many glories are well-known — the Sagrada Familia cathedral, Las Ramblas, Parc Güell, Montjuïc Fortress and many, many more — and when you add this to the fact that there are beaches right next to the city as well as mountains surrounding it, you’ve got something for just about anyone. With cheap flights to Barcelona on, you can tick it off your bucket list right away!

Explore Milan, a modern side of Italy

The gothic splendor of Milan’s cathedralThe gothic splendor of Milan’s cathedral — Shutterstock

If Bologna, mentioned earlier, is classic Italy, Milan is modern Italy. Full of fizz, zip, pizazz and other words with lots of Zs in them, it’s a forward-looking, buzzy (see?) city of sharp suits, shiny cars, and million-dollar handshakes.

But it’s not all business. Some innate Italianness remains in the gothic splendor of its mighty cathedral, a food scene that does simple, delicious classics with a modern twist, and a passionate love of football through AC Milan and Inter, its two world-famous clubs. The city’s nightlife is exciting and varied, and if you don’t want haute cuisine, there are scores of friendly trattoria, cafes and dive bars to help you do the city on a budget.

Riga is ideal for a city break

Riga became European Capital of Culture in 2014Riga became European Capital of Culture in 2014 — Shutterstock

Riga, like many of the cities of the Baltic states, is not somewhere people often think of as a weekend-hop destination, but it’s pretty much ideal for a city break. It managed the impressive trick of being heavily bombed during World War Two, yet retained its stunning Old Town and the largest number of Art Nouveau buildings in Europe. Long, grand avenues between confident-looking market squares are the order of the day, with structures of all colors and shapes leading to some wonderfully Instagrammable moments.

It’s a very forward-thinking city too, and has been putting its name on the map in a bunch of ways. European Capital of Culture in 2014, it’s also hosted a NATO summit, the Ice Hockey World Championships, and Eurovision, among others. The nightlife is jumping, the people are young and friendly. It’s a bit of a gem.

Gothenburg is one of Europe’s greenest cities

Gothenburg has maintained its 19th-century looks while under the surface being a thoroughly modern placeGothenburg has maintained its 19th-century looks while under the surface being a thoroughly modern place — Shutterstock

Another city to hit before the weather gets really cold, Sweden’s second city has that sort of vibe to it: laid-back, but safe in its own skin. It doesn’t have to be Stockholm and it doesn’t want to be. It’s also a trailblazer: after Sweden’s minister of the environment, Birgitta Dahl, went to Gothenburg in the mid-80s and declared the industrial port city “a courtyard to hell”, that was enough chastisement. It’s now one of Europe’s greenest cities, in every sense of the word, and has been named the world’s most sustainable destination three years in a row.

With its acres of parkland, zippy electric trams, local bike-sharing schemes, and much of its power coming from offshore wind turbines, Gothenburg has maintained its 19th-century looks while under the surface being a thoroughly modern place. Volvo, the mighty manufacturing concern whose factory and museum you can tour, says it will have phased out all internal combustion engines on its cars by 2030, so with environmental concerns the number one community ethos, Gothenburg really does lead the way.

Larnaca is the right combination of holiday resort and real life

Church of Saint Lazarus belongs among the sights to exploreChurch of Saint Lazarus belongs among the sights to explore — Shutterstock

If you’re flying to Cyprus, chances are Larnaca is your target airport. It’s the largest on the island, and while it might not be the prettiest or most glamorous place in Cyprus, it’s just about the right combination of holiday resort and real life to make for an interesting trip. The beaches, the seafront promenade with its restaurants and bars, all of this is for locals as well as tourists, in marked contrast to places like Ayia Napa, 35km away.

The historical buildings give a hint of the town’s varied history, with the Church of Saint Lazarus, Hala Sultan Tekke mosque, and the fortress at Larnaca Castle just three of the sights to explore. Inland from the beach, the town becomes far less touristy, with its narrow lanes and shuttered cottages giving a hint of what Cyprus must have been like before the resorts moved in. If you’re looking for some autumn sun with a side-order of mellow, this might just be the place for you.

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