Passenger arrested over taking off smelly socks in a bus

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An Indian man was held at a police station for ‘causing public nuisance’ over his footwear

A passenger caused a ruckus in a bus after he took off his shoes and socks. The driver had to stop the bus twice — Eagle9 / ShutterstockA passenger caused a ruckus in a bus after he took off his shoes and socks — Eagle9 / Shutterstock

Travelling etiquette is something not everyone can master. And apparently, some are not able to handle even the very basics.

A 27-year-old man from India was travelling on the night bus from Dharamshala to Delhi last week when he decided, for an unknown reason, to remove his socks and shoes.

This unusual behaviour of Prakash Kumar caused a backlash. Unable to bear the, allegedly, terrible smell that emanated from his socks, the other passengers on the bus complained and argued with him. They told Kumar to put the socks in a bag or throw them out of the bus.

Kumar reportedly refused to do so and began yelling at the passengers and arguing with them.

The situation escalated, and forced the bus driver to stop at least twice on the way to its destination. However, Kumar refused to throw the socks away even when the conductor asked him to do so.

The passengers then made the driver pull over beside a police station in Bharwain, in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, where Kumar was arrested for causing a public nuisance after the rest of the passengers raised an official complaint.

Sanjeev Gandhi, a policeman who serves at the station, confirmed the arrest to the Hindustan Times and added that Kumar also created a ruckus at Bharwain police station.  

Later, the police released Kumar who then filed a complaint against the passengers himself. He stated that his socks did not stink and said that the fellow travellers teased him for no reason.

Police told the BBC that Mr Kumar had been granted bail.