Unicorn island is and inflatable playground in Subic Bay, 130 km from Manila, Philippines — Inflatable Island

Inflatable paradise: Philippines Unicorn Island blows up online

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As big as eight basketball courts put together, the inflatable park has giant swings, slides, and even a human launcher

Subic Bay, a beach resort nearly 130 kilometres from the Philippines’ capital of Manila, now has a peculiar attraction to offer visitors – Unicorn Island.



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The coastal district has unveiled the inflatable island, a floating playground, with an area of 4,100 square meters, full of colourful waterslides, rainbows, a human launcher, and of course — giant unicorns.

For a more than affordable entry fee that starts at $12.30, visitors can have fun on the Baba’s Super Slide, Slippery Slopes, the Rainbow Walk, Mini Jump and Fly, Climby the Seaunicorn, or the Wavy Dinosaur.


The park first opened a year ago and, at a smaller size of 3,400 square metres, they proclaimed themselves to be the “the biggest floating playground in Asia.”

Recently the attraction has undergone an expansion, adding the Unicorn Island section to the playground this year. 



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To replenish your energy after hours of jumping, swimming, and overall excitement, visitors can get a snack at a set of pink and purple beach bars.  

The inflatable paradise has attracted a lot of attention on social media recently. Their Facebook page has more than 150,000 fans by now as well as 17,600 Instagram followers.

The playground allows its visitors to take all the necessary gear, such as smartphones and selfie sticks, to participate in sharing the unique experience. 

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