This Instagram cat has probably travelled more than you have

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Meet Suki, the Bengal cat that has the world in her paws

Who ever heard of a travelling cat? These beautiful animals have evolved to stay in their territory, haven’t they? At least my own kitty won’t even leave the house, and anytime I have to take her to the vet she mews and screams.

Apparently, she’s nothing but a chicken. This Canadian Bengal proves that cats can be adventurous and fearless explorers.

Suki accompanies her human during her travels. The duo loves to escape the human world to explore the wonders of nature to post on instagram.


Canoe adventures ?? . ? Shot on my @SonyAlpha a7II with a 16-35mm f4 lens #AlphaCollective

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They stroll through the forests, hike over rocks and mountains, and even ride a canoe.

A canoe. We are talking about a cat that doesn’t fear water!

And when it gets cold, and the whitest snow covers the land, that’s no problem. It’s time to wear a sweater!


Snow leopard ?❄️

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However, Suki’s human admits that the bright colours of her eyes are slightly enhanced.

“The colour is edited! I enjoy playing around with the photographs to create a little magic, but if you would like to see her normal eye colour it is visible in the many videos I have posted,” she said.


Cabin life ✨?

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But there is one thing Suki has in common with other kitties. After an exhausting day, a long nap is a must.