Introducing’s Price lock: freeze your flight price, pay later

Introducing’s Price lock: freeze your flight price, pay later

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Here’s another money-saving feature from But what is Price lock, how does it work, and how will it make travel cheaper for you?

There’s a lot to consider when planning a trip. Who’s coming with you? Can you get time off work? Will you manage to find reasonable accommodation? Maybe you just need some thinking time — after all, things are always changing. At, we think your flight price shouldn’t be one of them.

If you find a great price on a trip, you can now lock that price for up to 72 hours to protect yourself against fare increases.

What’s even better is that if the price drops further, you’ll pay the lower price. The price you’ve locked in is the most you’ll pay. If it increases, has you covered — we’ll pay the difference, up to a value of €200.

For a small percentage of the overall fare, you can now lock your flight price, giving you time to organize things like accommodation, time off and travel buddies, completely confident that you know the maximum price your flight will cost.

How does it work?

Introducing’s Price lock: freeze your flight price, pay laterPrice lock is a travel hack that gives you that critical time to get yourself and your travel buddies organized

Let’s take an example. You’ve found a flight from Vienna to Lisbon for €120. You’re okay with that price, but you need a couple of days to sort some things out, and you’re worried prices will go up as it’s a popular route. You pay €12 as a down payment and that price is now locked for three days.

During that time, you persuade your friend to join you, ask your boss for a couple of days off, and find somewhere nice to stay. When you come back to, you see the price has gone up to €180. Good thing you locked it, eh?

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As long as you pay within the 72-hour lock period, you’ll still only pay €120. You’ve already paid €12 to lock it, so you simply pay the remaining €108 and the flight’s yours; will pick up the €60 shortfall. What a deal!

There might be times when you get lucky with a price drop. Let’s say you lock the same €120 flight for €12 and when you return to two days later, the price has fallen to €100. Cool! You’ve put €12 down to lock it, you now only owe €88. As mentioned previously, the price you lock is the most you’ll pay; if the price drops, that’s just a bonus!

Are there any exceptions?

There might be times when prices increase by over €200, and in these cases, we’ll just refund your initial down payment. We also can’t lock the price of additional services like baggage and insurance; it’s just the price of the flight itself that’s locked.

Combine features and save money

Michal Šindelář,’s VP of Consumer Product, reckons that this is the perfect addition to our selection of travel hacks. “We’re excited to launch Price lock, allowing travelers to guard against price increases even before they decide to book. This innovative addition increases and strengthens’s product offerings, making us the go-to choice for worry-free travel.”

Using’s other travel hacks such as price alerts, you’ll find that great deals on flights will come to you. Got a trip in mind? Search for it on and set up a price alert. We’ll let you know when the price of your trip changes, so you can either lock that lower price, or protect yourself from any further increases. Now that’s hacking the system.

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