Jewelry store will pay you to find Europe’s best proposal spots

Jewelry store will pay you to find Europe’s best proposal spots

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Online applications for interested couples will open today — on Valentine’s Day 

Ready to take your relationship to the next level but can’t pin down the perfect place for your engagement proposal? A jewelry store will cover your costs to travel through Europe to discover the 20 best proposal spots for couples.

Robbins Brothers, a California-based jewelry store specializing in engagement rings is offering a unique opportunity to couples who are either in a serious relationship, already engaged, or married. Applicants who wish to participate in the company’s contest must be active on social media and willing to share their travel experiences there.

The company will select one winning couple who will be given a budget of $10,000 and an hourly wage to be used towards their travels. The so-called Proposal Ambassadors will have relative freedom throughout their search — they can travel and pick destinations from across the whole continent or a single country and spend as much time traveling as they wish, provided they complete their travels by the end of 2020.

One winning couple will share their findings with followers on social media

Online applications will open on Valentine’s Day at 9:00 in the morning Pacific Time and close two weeks later, on 28 February at 23:59 PT. The lucky winners will go on a hunt for their top 20 European spots and share them with Robbins Brothers’ followers.

“It’s important for Robbins Brothers to find new and unique ways to assist couples who want to create an impressive romantic milestone,” Chris Weakley, VP of marketing for Robbins Brothers, said in a statement.

“We realize that the proposal location is an important factor as the photos and videos captured are memories that live forever.”

“Ideally, our winning couple will be similar to the types of couples who shop at Robbins Brothers,” added Weakley. “That means they love beautiful things but want to find the best possible value. We look forward to seeing what this year’s winners come back with.”

Finalists will be announced on Monday, 16 March and voting to the public will begin a week later, on 23 March. The ultimate winners will become known on 6 April, after which they can start planning their trip.

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