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Travelers can select their preferred number of cabin and checked baggage when looking for their connections

Deciding on the amount of luggage is one of the essential parts when planning before traveling. While going light can save money, the luxury of having all the belongings accessible is sometimes a necessity. 

For this reason, has made searching for the best ways to travel even easier. The industry-leading travel tech company now allows passengers to select the precise number of hand luggage and checked bags when looking for the most convenient connection, be it flights, trains, or buses.

Passengers can set their preferable amount of cabin and checked bags Passengers can set their preferable amount of cabin and checked bags —

From now on, the new baggage filter enables passengers to select the very best combination for their journeys based on other preferences. Passengers can simply select the number of cabin baggage and checked bags they will need for their travels, and search will provide them with options based on their needs. 

“With this new feature in our search, we can give the customer the possibility to think about the need for traveling with baggage already during searching for the flight and therefore make the search for the best combination easier,” says’s Product Manager of Baggage and Check-in Martin Lajda. 

Unique search filter combinations help to become the world’s first Virtual Global Supercarrier

Providing the best options according to various preferences has become one of the most important pillars in’s vision of becoming the world’s first Virtual Global Supercarrier

The revolutionary technology of Virtual Interlining allows passengers to combine all means of transportation — flights, trains or buses, and even ride-hailing — into one single itinerary. With the recent addition of classes and the option Mixed Cabin Classes, travelers can also merge premium, business, and economy classes to one journey.

Combining all the filters available in the search, passengers now have an unprecedented volume of options to choose from when searching for their ideal trips.