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In response to Ryanair CEO, Eddie Wilson, making a YouTube video attempting to discredit the business model that finds unique routes for travelers, founder and CEO, Oliver Dlouhý, comments:

“We’re surprised to see that Eddie Wilson has come out and admitted that Ryanair has been holding on to our customers money and not releasing refunds to us just because he doesn’t like our business model.”

“The best thing Eddie Wilson can do for customers who were booked on Ryanair flights that were canceled is to transfer the money owed so that we can refund our customers. As of now, they have only passed on ten percent of their liabilities in a blatant attempt to damage our customer relationships.”

“Ryanair’s latest tactic of holding on to our customers refunds to try and undermine the business model and damage our relationship with customers, has surprisingly now been made public thanks to a personal video from CEO, Eddie Wilson.”

“We are committed to giving customers the best flight options despite some airlines not liking the fact that we are able to offer unique routes at more competitive prices.”

About was established when 23-year-old, Oliver Dlouhý, and Jozef Képesi recognized they weren’t being given the whole picture when it came to getting the best deal on flights.

Using advanced technology they set up to find routes that airlines are not displaying to customers or they cannot sell themselves. By challenging the way it has always been done, exposing loopholes in airline pricing, and showing the deals that airlines do not want people to see, they found they could save customers money.

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